M14 Intro Pack Decklists

July 9th, 2013

Magic 2014 Intro Pack Decklists

Lightforce - Magic 2014 Intro Pack

Psychic Labyrinth - Magic 2014 Intro Pack

Death Reaper - Magic 2014 Intro Pack

Fire Surge - Magic 2014 Intro Pack

Bestial Strength - Magic 2014 Intro Pack

  • Mark Riffle

    pretty sweet!!

  • Zombie

    I’m liking how Wizards has been shying away from mono- colored Starter decks over the years. Gives newer players more and more experience with how to formulate a viable deck list.

    • Namesarehard

      I don’t think they want mono-colored completely, I think they want a major and a minor, as opposed t side-by-side multi-color

  • ninjadevil


  • Xero

    Was sort of expecting a Sliver deck. lol

  • Michael Plummer

    Where is green black 2snd rare

    • Sabisent

      The enchantment Into the Wilds

  • Tim Trogdon

    Each deck attempts to hint at a theme, but the odds of pulling it off are slim to none. Can a player stay with the theme and revise these decks to focus the theme and be more competitive?