M15 – Magic 2015 Intro Decks

July 9th, 2014

Price of Glory M15 Intro Deck

M15 Intro Deck: Price of Glory

Hit the Ground Running M15 Intro Deck

Intro Deck: Hit The Ground Running

Infernal Intervention M15 Intro Deck

M15 Intro Deck: Infernal Intervention

Flames of the Dragon M15 Intro Deck

M15 Intro Deck: Dragon’s Hoard

Will of the Masses M15 Intro Deck

M15 Intro Deck: Will Of The Masses

  • David S

    so ornithopter is going to be standard legal for the next year or so? I’m happy with that.

  • Dapper Dimir

    So many artifacts. weird. I wonder what they are moving towards in the story?

  • Daniel Gilmore

    ORNITHOPTER. Goes in every deck I build, yay :D

  • sfggfh

    Anyone else notice these only have 1 rare? Is this a new thing going forward or have some cards gone up in rarity? I don’t think I missed any rares

    • Scyther36045

      There’s two rares in the U/G deck, but it seems more likely that restock goes down to uncommon than some of the other cards going up to rare.

      • sfggfh

        I also just noticed they are not compete lists so they probably still have a second rare

        • Meleksomuchmelek

          yeah, the prerelease promos are in the intro packs, but I don’t see them!!…

  • David Bannister

    Am I the only one that noticed that there are creatures listed in all of the “other spells” in every decklist?

    • Someone

      You must be kidding.

    • I noticed too.

    • Robert

      Enchantment creatures?

    • Sleepy

      I am pretty sure it is because the deck list originally showed only the part of the deck accidentally spoiled by wizards, and when they added the rest of the cards for some reason they ended up in other spells.

  • David Myers

    why does a “DRAGON’S HORDE” deck only have 2 fricking dragons? Lamest..Horde.. EVER!!

    • TheMuffinMan

      “Hoard” as in “a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded.”

    • Arnar Geir Jónasson

      Dragon’s HOARD…….HOARD.

      Hoard is not the same thing as horde…

    • David Myers

      ok i misread and misunderstood the meaning behind it. still want more dragons :(

      • ploopy

        why are you guys always talking about the hoard deck.

      • ploopy

        man ,david myers is such a fricking jerk.

        • awsome

          I know right.

          • ofkdlf mkdv

            hey david next time you say something about the dragon deck you are a frickin jerk

    • dragons

      you dude shut up david myers. I like the deck. your such a fricking person and lamest horde ever.

  • da

    I kinda wish each pack came with the cycle of rare legends :/

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I really like that dragon deck. Yes please.

  • Ryan Thomas

    How much do ya’ll think one of these deck would cost.

    • Dapper Dimir

      they are usually $14.99

      • Goura

        no they’re $25.00 i just got the red/black one (btw it is a great intro deck)

        • Singed

          This means you got scammed out of 10$, kid.

          • Greekfired

            depends on the type of dollar. It’s 25$ in New Zealand

          • Singed

            Then why would he argue that it doesn’t cost 15 USD?

          • John

            It’s $25 in Australia

          • Calvin

            Damn, you guys are saving an awful lot on exchange there.
            That or exchange changed since I lived in New Zealand.

  • Abaddun

    I feel rather miserable seeing one or two cards in each intro deck I would love to have, but I feel rather unwilling to invest in 2015.

    • surfderf

      m15 seems like a block-grade set, even though it is core

  • Someone

    I’m all for for blue/ red, so when I saw the dragon’s hoard, I was in glee! (I wonder how it will play in this set

  • Kashej

    Black/Red is nice

  • Luis Roberto “Saibot” Drehmer

    Ornithopter + Ensoul Artifact. Good start at prerelease.

    • ronpaul420

      thropter plus ensoul end of turn shrapmel blast for win and if u can fit a scutteling doom engin in there its nuts

  • Aladeen

    The Green/White pack will work so well with my Ajani, Mentor of Heroes <3

  • Ethian Cortes Escribar

    what happened with B/U control DX

  • Flippy7

    Boy, it’s a good thing my store doesn’t do League anymore… the Red/Blue players would have the best chance of winning just out of the precon.

  • Brandon Schultz

    I got the Dragons Hoard Intro deck but the weird thing is that it does not have Red/Blue but instead has Red/Black and has cards from the Infernal Intervention

    • Nick

      yes i got the blue/red o.o but unboosted a few money cards so ill just pick up a new one.

  • Zachary Ziegler

    Brandon Schults, I got the exact opposite. I think our decks were switched. Did yours have the correct front card, but the rest was switched

    • Hassun

      yeah, this happened to my GF when i bought her the R/B. it ended up having indulgent tormentor, but all the rest of the cards on the inside had the Red/Blue intro deck cards! she took it back to the store and they opened them all up and THEY ALL were like that! isnt that crazy?!?

      • Gracey

        I’m glad I’m not the only one that happened to.

  • Airick Gapo

    what do you guys think is the best intro pack?

    • guest

      i run a black/white… so yeah. black white is my opinion

      • Airick Gapo

        thanks man,

  • gg

    Red blue artefact creature deck is best for me

  • Potato Trainer

    Only want the blue/green deck coz of the runeclaw bears- making a temur bear deck :) but also want the green white for the phyto titan and the red blue one for the hoarding draon and siege dragon :( Which is best out of three?

    • Jessie

      It would be much easier for you to just buy the cards seperately, rather than buy whole decks just for one card. You can also just buy a teemer intro deck.

  • Lee Cheng Yuen

    Black/Green/Blue is Sultai right?

  • Ivy Lane Denizen

    Something’s wrong with the hit the ground running

  • draidan playter

    can anybody tell me where i can find a red green starter deck?