M15’s Clash Pack

July 8th, 2014

A two-player product, the Clash Pack contains two sixty-card decks designed to be played against each other. It’s a great way to introduce new players to Magic. And it also comes with six premium foil cards with alternative art.

Clash Pack for Magic 2015


Two ready-to-play sixty-card decks
Six premium cards with alternative art
Deck box
Strategy insert
Magic rules reference card

MSRP: $29.99
Languages: English, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese (Simplified)

Hydra Broodmaster Promo

Fated Intervention Promo

Fort of Fertility Promo

Prophet of Kruphix Promo

Prognostic Sphinx Promo

Temple of Mystery Promo

  • Somnom

    So, how is this different from any of the PWvsPW (or Phyrexian vs Coalition, etc.) decks?

    • akakj7

      i costs more

    • sagecoin

      the vs. series is modern almost exclusively. wizards and their customers want products for each format. also this would be an item to sell off at pre-releases. also theme decks tend to be horrible. that being said, this is for newbies so it matters far less.

    • Matt86

      PW vs PW decks normally contain some good, valuable reprints to make acquiring the deck worthwhile.
      E.g., Jace vs. Vraska contains a Jace, a Vraska and a Remand, which together should help to gain at least 70-80% of what the decks cost.

      Since this seems to be a set completely created of M15, I say it isn’t worth the price if the foils aren’t some of the money rares of the core set. (Like, say, Courser of Kruphix for BotG, like Scavenging Ooze for M14.)

    • Adam Gillespie

      Also if you read the whole article from daily MTG (where the copy pasted this from) it comes with a guide to combine the 2 decks in the clash pack into one deck thats on the power level of the event decks

    • spydermrj

      All the cards are standard legal so unlike those you could open the decks and play them at a standard fnm.

  • the brd

    so basically a no-theme core set dual deck pack

    • Adam Gillespie

      The second set in the new block will also have a clash pack instead of an event deck, so going forward it will be event decks for set one and three of blocks and clash packs for core sets and set two from the block

  • will get it for the art. . .

  • Zombie

    I’ll hold my judgements on it until I see the deck lists.

    But, this can only go two ways. Terribly or fantastically.

    Either Wizards tones them down to basically intro- level and makes them worthless to anyone who’s been playing for longer than a year, or they stuff them with shiny goodies and chase rares from M15, and for the 10,000th time they literally print money.

  • DA


    MSRP: $29.99*

    5 bucks off

  • Frontic

    The art really made the product worth it for me

  • Clone Cody

    no spanish?

  • Guttersnipe

    Blue and Green seem like interesting colors, especially since Garruk is the cover planeswalker for M15. Six foils is already better than a Duel Deck, but for 5$ extra, they better be good. The concept of putting the decks together is interesting, but I would prefer B/G since Garruk will probably have those colors and Waste Not will likely make a good impression on Black.

    • DA

      Actually, $10 more than dual decks, so I’d say it compares more to the commander preconstructed, which came with nearly 15 rares and 3 mythics each (and a whole slew of great uncommons), but you have to weight that this will only give standard cards.

    • Arcanis The omnipotent

      Garruk is most likely going to be green black or just black due to the curse of the veil

  • Chi Sarades

    well i hope it has a reprint of a great green or blue card from back from the day

  • inferno445

    Wish they had this when I started playing

  • Tyler

    FYI it’s “back in the day” not “back from the day,” btw!

  • Derek

    These being $5-$10 more than the dual decks (depending on where you hear it from) makes me cautious. I doubt the decks will be any good at all but honestly, I’m a huge sucker for some alternate art so if they’re pretty enough, I’ll definitely pick one up.

    • Martha L

      I’m sure I’ll be picking up a set. Easy decks for playing with my nephew or other people who haven’t played at all, or don’t have their own deck.

      • Arcanis The omnipotent

        they are called clash decks and I heard if you combine the cards from each deck into one 60 card deck it actually can be worthy of winning a match

  • DoogleHallow

    Those promos are BOOTIFUL!!

  • spydermrj

    So between courser nykthos and the temple you get your money worth sounds good to me.,

  • David Bannister

    The clash decks look promising enough.

  • Aaron Seet


  • da

    M15 Clash Pack * (Only contains 8 cards out of 72 from m15)

    • Adam Watson

      that was my complaint as well.

  • selesnyawarden

    FOOD FOR THE EYES IS BACK !!! Oh my, Lord Xenagos, what have they done?? no words possible,,, beautiful art promos, courser of kruphix, that HYDRA BROODMASTER ART is worth it, Prophet of kruphix is dancing more,, courser of kruphix, temple of mystery with sweet art, nykthos, courser of kruphix,,,, wait,,,THAT’S worth some money there…O_o

  • Told you the alt art’s would be epic. . .

  • Daniel Gilmore

    Courser and Prophet make this instantly worth it to me. Must have it!

  • Mick Cortella

    It has so MUCH EDH value!!

  • Fulcrum

    So who else is picking up 4 of these?

    • selesnyawarden

      MEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!! I hope to find enough as 4, at the store T-T

  • Soooo…. a Duel Deck for 10 bucks more…. without a Mythic, but 4 more foils? Hmm….

  • andrew

    I like some of the alternate arts but thats about it. Only card in here of any value is the Courser of Kruphix, everything else is just cheap commons and uncommons and a couple of bulk rares that don’t see any play right now.

  • redbananaboy

    wow so many cards that make this worth 25$

  • Chris

    Andrew that’s a not a courser of kruphix

    • andrew

      there is a courser of kruphix in one of the decks.

  • MSRP is $29.99 not $24.99

    • MagicSpoiler

      Thanks Cody!

  • Nigel Heerding

    just the genesis hydra is also an good rare because you can use it in edh simic just like the temple of mystery and prophet of kruphix and the nykthos,shrine to nyx and courser of kruphix to and some bulk rares that you can use also in simic edh so you can play little 1+1 counter trics with the monstrosity.

  • ssh

    Hmm use the font with deer to grab the avacyn restored forest with the deer? Need to a find a foil of the land

  • Eli Mecham

    Getting this only of that temple

  • Dankmeiser

    I just bought this for 22.99 off eBay with free shipping, is the MSRP correct?

    • Mick Cortella

      Your dam lucky I bought it for 30 bucks

  • W L

    i wonder if this will drop courser’s price at all…

    • Mtg player

      Co user would drop completly a clash pack, people will get it for the lands courser, sphinx and hydra, nothing else

  • CampbellLove

    My husband bought a box and I bought a box, however, when I opened mine. it was nothing but three cards repeated over and over and it was only 57 cards, not even a full 60. My husband’s were fine but I got ripped off. They were both bought from the Exchange so it wasn’t like they were used or from a shady source.

    • James Hall

      I as well had an issue of a defective deck. If you talk to customer service, they’ll send you a new one and extra stuff.

  • alex richman

    so is this buyable yet