Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Packs

June 5th, 2013

Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack Green

Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack Red

Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack Black

Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack Blue

Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack White

  • matt

    solid color decks or muiltcolor

    • Dave Silverthorn

      probably just solid

  • DrSkyed

    so… no elspeth… well i guess i have to wait for Theros i suppose

  • jinx

    buy, obey

  • Ajdgvyt

    Looks pretty good

  • Kenzie LaMar

    I’m starting to get sick of the usual Planeswalkers and their kin/related cards. Ajani’s Chosen, Jace’s XXX Chandra’s blah blah….. They are getting old.

    • Lazav, Dimir Mastermind


      • The 10th power

        if only it was Jace’s snapcaster mage :D

  • Niels

    I personally like the ones from M13 more, where the decks were build around a monocolored legend and had a secondary color, but this is nice too. Actually i don’t really care, since I won’t buy one anyway.

  • David Gong

    Im glad they dumbed down the intro packs. I think some beginners need a really low barrier of entry. Most of the time their complex mechanics are just roundabout ways of doing simple things. These simple intro packs look great but i absolutely will not buy for myself, and mainly for my non magic playing pals

  • Laserface

    The current “core” set of walkers is boring. I know they’re trying to make planeswalkers more relatable, but I don’t know a single person who likes Nicol Bolas as the big bad, Jace as the main character, and everyone else as whatever they are. Gideon was pretty rad, but Jace’s knockoff Final Fantasy hairdo and personality don’t quite cut it for me.

    • Sepheroth117

      I disagree an all fronts i’m afraid. I feel as though you simply haven’t delved into the complexity of each character’s history. The argument you present is that these characters are boring, but perhaps you only feel that way because we’re familiar with them. But that’s the point really. And each character has his own ticks and trials and qualities and motivations. If you really knew how the grand scheme of the plot has developed i don’t think you’d still feel this way.

      • Laserface

        I do, and I do. : /

      • My own 2 cents

        I have to agree with Laserface here, there needs to be more relatable characters. I for one would love a relatable villain, sort of like how Yawgmoth could have been if they hadn’t made him just plain power-hungry. Villains with understandable goals, heroes with actual trials which lead into development (Like Gideon), and more volatile protagonist positions (i.e. more main planeswalker deaths) as well as better relationships between the characters would I believe stimulate better connection with each individual plot, and therefore envelope the consumer in a dynamically woven “Universe”. Bolas as megalomaniacal, Jace as individualistic and cold, and Ajani as angry isn’t real enough to get immersed into.

  • Zero

    i always liked the fact that the main card in starter decks were legendary because it seemed like the starter decks had more reason for existing players to buy.

  • Lu-Ra, Dimir head mage

    why don’t they make it based off of an actual type of creature, rather then just some random cards and a foil card…

  • the 10th power

    they should put venser shaper savant with mm logo in the blue one, noble hierarch in the green, thoughtseize in the black and i dont really care about the other two

    • Courtney Roberts

      Koth killed Venser so….yeah, no.
      Thoughtseize in an intropack would destroy it’s value so that probably won’t happen either.

      • Nefarox

        I could be wrong but I don’t think Koth killed Venser. I thought Venser was killed by Phyrexians while saving Karn.

  • Tom Cyrillus Arditi

    Why not make cards with completely new planeswalkers? Just no history behind them? :P