• Boomdiggity

    This event deck is disappointing

    • Ginsdaddy


    • Dungeon Master

      Why do you say that? it’s a good aggro and with the add of some other red/green cards it can be very competitive

    • Stomping gamer

      Stomping Ground

  • ManaPheonix

    They sooooooo should have done slivers……….:/

    • Dungeon Master


  • Beto

    so many rares

  • Dungeon Master

    very good

  • asddsdsd

    this is a bit disappointing. slivers im sorry your not in here

    • GramMAR Freak


  • Zombie

    If most of the rares weren’t junk/bulk rares (The $18-$20 Stomping Ground being the exception), this would be an instant- buy for me to use as a teaching tool to new players that are interested in aggro.

    But, unlike the last Even Deck (The Selesnya/Splash Black Token deck), this one is a little too on the janky side, even with a good handful of rares.

    • Guest

      Stomping Ground barely reaches $10 on a good day…also considering they shouldn’t ever be worth that much anyways.

      • Zombie

        The Gatecrash reprint has dropped from $17.99 to $14.99, I’ll give you that. But it’s among the most expensive Shock Lands in Magic, and the most expensive of the reprint Shock Lands from RTR/GTC.

        And yes, they should be worth a lot. They’re a huge part of mana fixing in every format save Legacy, who has dual lands that are $150- $4000, depending on what card and what set.

        They’re still used a ton in Modern, so even after they cycle in a year, they’ll still hold value.

  • Snow

    why the hell did they not do slivers????!

    • risu

      because the slivers dont have that much support

    • DrunkTaiChi

      Because there was already a Slivers premium foil deck

  • Ander

    Take out the Wild Beastmaster, the Wrecking Ogre, and the Slaughterhorna and finish your set of Cacklers and Tuskers and put another Pyrewild in. Replace the Rubblebelt with another Battle Driver and this deck starts to look a lot more playable.

  • Guest

    Land. Should not. EVER. Be expensive. I don’t care whether or not someone’s “expensive land base” needs to hold value. Land is land, and that’s it. SPELLS should be the main concern here, not land. Do you know how much skill is required in “I play Stomping Ground untapped for 2 life. Play Rakdos Cackler unleashed.”? Not much. Mana producing nonbasic lands do not take much skill in using. It’s literally just money or a good pull. Welcome to the game of magic: where your skill doesn’t determine whether or not you can use certain cards. Just money.

    • Zombie

      Considering I just won a recent FNM with Slivers and no non- basic lands other than Mutavault and Ghost Quarter, I’m pretty sure skill is still protected from people buying a bunch of shock lands (which are actually dropping in price quite a bit).

      And while yes, spells are important, you can’t cast spells without mana, and you can’t have an efficient deck without mana fixing. Food for thought.

      • guest

        Which is why back then the best lands they had were pain lands and lands that automatically came in tapped. The good ol’ basic land is really what should matter. Wizards should have NEVER created duals, especially at rare. They are uncommon at best.
        Unfortunately, not everyone can say they win with basics. Standard attracts the people with the least creativity. Do you want to know what drives the secondary market? Pro tours and people who see the winning deck and do their best to replicate it. Why try and win with a good home brewed deck when the champion won with his/her deck? And they all use shocklands and stuff, so it must be an advanced player thing! (HAHAHA no, it’s just a good mana fixer) It takes little to no skill in using shocks, so my point stands that money and good pulls is the only thing that keeps people from using cards. Wizards is a good example of how to do “genius business” when really it’s just money.

        • Zombie

          Standard players have the least creativity?

          In case you haven’t noticed, Legacy and Modern are dominated by 1-2 decks each.

          Legacy is overrun with Esper Deathblade and UB Tezzeret decks, Modern is overrun by Kiki- Pod and Melira- Pod decks.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            It’s true. Plus back in unlimited and alpha, those were probably the most over powered mana fixing in magic ever with the moxs and the duel lands(Which are at most 1k) To make stuff like that an uncommon would be even more RIDICULOUS. There had to be something else to replace that. Making those shock lands rares was more than thankful of Wizards to do. Shock lands are here to stay and thats fine with me.

          • Mistrblank

            Legacy is not dominated by 1-2 decks. Maverick, Omnitell, Sneak and Show, UB Stoneblade, UW stoneblade, Death and Taxes, Canadian Threshold (RUG Delver), BUG Agent, UB Tezzerator, Goblins, Elves, Enchantress, Belcher, Dredge

            There are more, but I think I’ve made my point.

          • Zombie

            Multiple decks in a format doesn’t mean that one or two decks aren’t dominating forces in the format. There’s decks in every format that rise to the top of both power and number of people who play it. For Standard, it’s Jund and UWR. For Modern, it’s Pod decks and UWR. For legacy, Deathblade has pretty much been the best deck for a loooooooooooooooong time.

            Sure, you could play something different, but there’s still the build that the majority of players are using to greater effect. Even then, something like Death and Taxes, a fantastic deck in its own right, is scraping to get behind Deathblade in terms of raw power and the sheer number of people playing it.

  • Matt Amerman

    Solid event deck

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Wow they put some fantastic money cards in here! Mizzium Mortars and Stomping grounds are just a few of them too :-)

  • DrunkTaiChi

    For everyone saying they should have done slivers think for a second. What is the point of these event decks? They are for players who do not have all the great cards available and are on a budget, but still want to play in their local game stores FNM standard tournament. These decks were made so that players that may not know how to build a competitive deck or may not have the funds to make one can still play and at the very least put up a fight. Also Slivers already had a premium foil deck.

  • Corruptola

    after replacing a few cards in here this deck will be as good as any other deck, including silvers. you dont need silvers to win. any well built deck with a good side board has a good chance of beating any other deck.