Magic 2014 Promos

June 25th, 2013

Megantic Sliver M14 Prerelease promo

Megantic Sliver - M14 Prerelease Promo

M14 Launch promo

M14 Launch Promo Card

M14 Game Day promos

M14 Game Day Promo Card 1M14 Game Day Promo Card 2

Buy-a-box promo

M14 Buy-a-box promo Card

  • BangaaBrute

    This is nice!

  • Karol Przybysz

    very nice promos! Colossal Whale is the best!

    • Carlos Pimpão

      yeah the art is amazing. a really nice foil to have.

  • Autonomachy

    Megantic. Because Wizards don’t cur bout no dixunary.

  • CapnAhab

    What the hell is a launch promo and where do i sign up?

    • Joe Brinkmeyer

      go to fnm

    • Christopher cunningham

      you have to attend a launch event at a participating retailer on the weekend of the set’s release. The launch events for M14 were this past weekend, unfortunately. You can always see if your local shop is giving out any extras they may have had as FNM prizes

  • Matt86

    That whale does look a lot like Sin from Final Fantasy X. However, the wording sure is strange. Why not: “When Colossal Whale leaves the Battlefield, return all cards exiled with C.W. to the Battlefield.” The card only says until, shouldn’t the card specify what happens with exiled cards once the whale leaves?

    • El Moss

      The rules text actually makes it incredibly different. It’s different in the same way the new Banisher Priest ruling is to Fiend Hunter.
      If it were worded as you’ve written then Colossal Whale could be removed from the field in response to his exile trigger going on the stack. He would then leave play and anything already exiled with his effect would come back, however the new trigger would then resolve and the targeted creature would be exiled indefinitely.

      This occurrence would be even more likely than the Fiend Hunter bug too, as that was merely an exploit the card’s caster may sometimes utilise, however destroying an attacking creature is obviously something that an opponent may want to do. This would have cause weird timing issues, especially for new player (remember this is a core set) and would have likely led to a lot of unintentional and entirely avoidable creature being exiled, and a lot of people getting annoyed.


    Is this the first time we’ve had a subtype “Whale”?

  • Matt Amerman

    worst promos for a core set