Magic 2014 Trailer

March 27th, 2013

  • that is not how chandra sounds

    • well, you know wizards made this so they could have fran drescher do it, or hell chandra could be voiced by karl malone

    • redfive

      how do you know what she sounds like?

  • guyfarting

    corny as hell

  • _Moloch_

    me gusto mas la voz de Liliana Vess

  • gsrg

    young Chandra????

  • lalalal

    does this mean they will finally make a GOOD Chandra?

    • person

      just because she doesnt break the game like some other planeswalkers doesnt mean shes bad, ablaze was pretty amazing in zen block

  • rynot916

    she looks like scarlet johansson

    • risu

      is that bad?