Modern Masters – Booster Box and Booster Packs

May 27th, 2013

Modern Masters Booster Box

Modern Masters Booster Packs (featuring new artwork for Dark Confidant, Vedalken Shackles and Sword of Fire and Ice).

Modern Masters Booster Pack - Dark Confidant

Modern Masters Booster Pack - Vedalken Shackles

Modern Masters Booster Pack - Sword of Fire and Ice

Thanks: MtgCounterBalance

  • ace


  • Pat Whitbeck

    what is that art of the ogre-thing bound in magic cuffs from?

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      Vedalken Shackles…

  • disqus_ZUM2ndYDrt

    Vedalken Shackles…..what else?

  • MtgCounterBalance

    That was Quick Uploaded

  • Andy Dondes

    Great art!!!

  • harakka

    How could they do this to the art of the swords? They’re just photoshopped versions of War and peace and Feast and Famine.

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      If you actually look at those cards, it’s obviously not…