MtG Core Set 2019 Packaging

June 11th, 2018

MtG Core Set 2019 Packaging

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  • Kitnz

    Wow. Three different utilizations of the same artwork?! That’s efficiency right there. I needed a little Bolas on my Magic shelves, anyways.

  • MtgCounterBalance

    nicol looks like a monkey

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Still really shitty art.

  • Geddon

    This Nicol art looks really, really cartoony and hammy. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, looks like a dragon with a multilayered plan that spans planes and centuries. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to screw up one small part of it, but that’ll really just annoy the guy more than make him mad. This Nicol Bolas looks like a mustache-twirling, “next time, Gadget”-shouting small-timer. He’d get killed by the guy from Dragon Quest.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      You speak as though Bolas isn’t already the twisty mustache villain who is just evil to be evil. He’s a one dimensional OP villain for no actual good reason.

      • Kahai

        He wants his power back, and he wants revenge on those who stole it from him.

        If he can figure out a way to try to do either of those two things, he’s going to do it.

        • Arcus Diabolus

          Right. So that suddenly means every act of cruelty and senseless killing he does, sneering and cackling all the while, even to the point of wiping out entire planes on whims, suddenly makes him less one dimensional and not out to rule the U N I V E R S E like we never seen that before.

          Case 1: He needed Amonkhet to churn out corpses for his army of Eternals. He gets that army, but instead of leaving Amonkhet to continue doing what it was doing and continue being productive for him, he kills everything on the plane almost on a whim, because he’s eeeeeviiiilll.

          Case 2: He manipulated Jace Chandra and Sharkan into the eye of Ugin on Zendikar to trigger the release of the Eldrazi. Why? Who knows? It’ll never be explained, but he was responsible for it because he’s eeeeviiillll.

          • Kahai

            My theory on the eldrazi and that stuff is that Ugin knew what the eldrazi were and why they existed. I actually believe Ugin isn’t a good being.

            As for the recent writing. I stopped caring a while ago when the writing become blog based teenage drama, so that hits Hour.


            Alaran Bolas was about getting Mana back and ultimately fixing the plane of Alara.

            Zendikari Bolas would also end up saving the plane, without his intervention the plane would have likely just kept getting corrupted even with the sealed eldrazi. It’s also a one up in the face of his rival Ugin.

            I haven’t even bothered reading the Hour story so I can’t really comments on that.

  • Evil Tactics

    With a face like this, the undone tie no longer looks like a joke.

  • Aarhg

    The fact that he’s got black pupils here might contribute to his cartoony look a little.
    Here’s an older Bolas image for comparison.

  • MrZetsu1995

    Nicol Bolas looks like a gremlin! Are you happy now?
    I mean look at it!

  • TogetherAlone

    So it looks like they are doing the villains theme they had originally planned for origins in this set instead. sweeet

  • Kahai

    This is what happens when you let children design products lol