New Judge Foils

December 20th, 2017

Spellskite - Judge Foil

Pendelhaven - Judge Foil

  • AJ

    Not sure if I like the art on these 2! Pendelhaven looks like its been mixed with Death Cloud and Spellskite looks too Flayer Husk ish but blowing bubbles!

    • Tyler Alexander Phillips

      so cute

  • Rajinx

    Spellskite is eldrazi now?

    • Jazzyboy1

      Phyrexian*. Designs like this aren’t unusual for Jin-Gitaxias’s faction. I still prefer the original art though.

      • Rajinx

        thought knot seer art whas my first thought

    • ShannoSauro

      Looks like a Phyrexian version of Memnite

    • sansmyhands

      Looks like Psychosis Crawler.

  • so hoping that return to dominaria reintroduces the phyrexians.

    • Jazzyboy1

      I hope not. Dominaria is so much more than just a battlezone for Phyrexians. We’ve got Mirrodin for our Phyrexian doses now. I mean, the Phyrexians are great, but Dominaria’s an incredibly diverse plane. I don’t want them to focus on just the Phyrexians.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        So was Innistrad, but that became BFZ 2.0, so who knows.

      • it is diverse but there is no way they can capture that in a block. and now with karn spoiled to be in it it might just be a phyrexian set

  • chad

    is it me or does spellskite look like its about to release a spirit bomb lol

  • chad

    pendelhaven looks more like artwork for bayou!

  • Zombie

    Not sure if making Pendelhaven look like a Golgari land was the right choice

    • Deadly Berry

      It’s only missing a few plant zombies.

  • Anthony George

    Judges getting some valuable foils from Wizards, while players who attend FNM events get foil tokens. Nice.

    • Shagoth

      Actually, they’re getting more ripped than the norm than they typically are. Their norm is mana drains, force of wills, and weird Elesh Norn’s in phyrexian text that’s over 400$.