New MTG Art from M13 and Return to Ravnica

June 4th, 2012

This year, Wizards is introducing five new characters to Magic, each one based on a basic fantasy archetype. There’s Talrand, a merfolk who controls flying drakes; Nefarox, an angry demon; Krenko, a goblin who runs a gang of street-thugs; Odric, a holy warrior who fights against the undead; and Yeva, an elf with a strong bond with nature.

A few of these characters call the plane of Ravnica home, which ties in to the next new set that Wizards will release, coming in October of 2012. That set will feature the long-awaited return to the giant magical world-city of Ravnica.

Krenko Art - M13 - Ravnica 4

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis - M13 Art

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 2

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 3

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 5

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 7

Odric - M13 - Ravnica

Servant of Nefarox - M13 Art

Talrand, Sky Summoner - M13 Art

Yeva MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 6

  • Kurt


  • Raksha

    Odric new planeswalker from Innistrad?

    • Fallenvash

       highly doubt Odric is a planeswalker. Not sure why you assumed that. If it is because of the lack of a spoiler for the white planeswalker in M13 so far, that is ajani Goldmane, confirmed ages ago thanks to the leak of the theatrical trailer for Duels 2013. With Nicol Bolas in there too, it makes me doubt even further that they would cram even more planeswalkers into the M13 set.

      I am fairly certain they are all legendary creatures. We already got leaked images on two of them, Nefarox and Talrand, so the other three must be legendary to complete the cycle.

      … I just realized something that is worthy of some speculation. The spoiler leak we received on Nefarox was him as a premium foil card in the front of a intro pack. This COULD mean we may see the other legendaries as the intro pack foils. Not gaurenteed, but from an aesthetic and design standpoint it would make sense. after all, not often we see legendaries in theme/intro packs, and the few times i recall it happening (like Lorwyn) every theme deck/intro pack in that particular set had a legendary in it.

      • Fallenvash

         Sorry for this double post but going back to some forums I realized that Talrand is also spoiled from an image of an intro pack’s front. This pretty much all but gaurentees all five legendaries being intro pack cards which I approve of. Gonna try and snag myself the blue and white decks then. Probably would be it for me from the core since I want to save for RtR in fall, unless I see some really must haves throughout core.

        • Raksha

          I think he may be in Return to Ravnica, and with Avacyn symbols he undoubtly isn’t from there :P

          • Fallenvash

             Well I read the original article these images got spoiled on, it pretty much states that all the images shown are new card art for M13. “Unlike the early days of Magic’s history, when core sets were
            all reprints, half of the modern summer sets are made up of completely
            new cards. This year, Wizards is introducing five new characters to Magic, each one based on a basic fantasy archetype.” None of the card art are spoilers for RtR, they are all cards coming in M13, there are five legendaries and one “minion” card for each one, similar to the ‘Chandra’s Phoenix’ or ‘Garruk’s Horde’ of other core sets. There may be more ‘minion’ cards for them then what we are shown, but thus far the article only shows those five alongside the legends.

            also of note is that the article dropped a possible name for one of the minions, “Yeva’s Forcemage.” One final thing, is considering that this is most likely an officially sanctioned article on the new set, this makes it all the less likely that any of the card art will show up in RtR cards, Wizards does not like making official spoils for cards coming out in the set coming out after the one they are currently spoiling.

  • heh he comes my boros deck

  • Kidlatzonline



  • Cap’n Obvious

    Goblins, yay :D

  • Bigtopofun

    1: mean looking Goblin, great art2: Good artstyle, bad composition though..
    3. to realistic, uninspireing.. bad movieposter..
    4 Awesome!, cool design
    5. fine
    6. fine
    7 bad/nerdy
    8 too Emo
    9 nice
    10. what did she do to the bear?

    Just my opinions.. what direction do you guys like?

  • Auto-Rot

    Anyone think the female with once again another awesome hat from innistrad is captain of the watch’s new art?

    • Fallenvash

       Considering the art for captain of the watch is already confirmed to be a reprint on the official site, no I do not.

      She is Odric’s ‘minion’ card. Those are ten images, five Legendary Creatures with one ‘minion’ each. The goblin and merfolk both have token spawning sorceries as their ‘minion’, the girl is ‘Odric’s Crusader’ whose power and toughness are equal to how many creatures you own.

      • Auto-Rot

        That’s sweet. They are bringing soldier themes back.

        • Fallenvash

           Combine with some of the really nice human soldiers that came out in Innistrad block like Champion of Parish, Mentor of the meek, Goldnight Commander, and a few other nice choices. Not as many soldiers in that block then I initially thought, but the few it has, they really shine. Just 22 in all, 16 if only counting the humans.

          • mtg fapper

             aww im extremely bummed that isnt the art for captain. crusader of ordic is terrible and not worthy of that epic picture

          • David Fitzsimmons

             Considering Odric’s effect himself, when working alongside him, the Crusader’s effect becomes all the more fun. Since they are BOTH soldiers, throw in the captain for some extra fun.

  • Yuuichi

    Looks like Ginny from Harry Potter became a pirate.

  • stay70573

    Anyone else notice Ordic has an Avacyn symbol on his sword?

    • Fallenvash

      Or the symbol on his brooch? or on his guantlets? Or the mostly obscured collar of his breastplate? That’s because he is from Innistrad. Cards released in core sets feature things from nearly all the planes, in Odric’s and Odric’s Crusader’s(The red hair girl) case, they come from Innistrad. Krenko and Yeva and their respective ‘minions’ hail from Ravnica. Nefarox ad his servant are from alara. Then finally we have Talrand and his Drakes, who is assumed to be from Zendikar.

      • Helping

         from the flavor text of talrand’s cards, he is actually from shandalar.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          like I said, ‘assumed’ to be. at that time he was merely a merfolk wizard who had a lot to do with flight, the only other merfolk that immediately come to most minds being capable of that were from zendikar. I still had my doubts untill a full confirmation in some way.

  • rrockman

    They say Odric is from Ravnica, but it’s just an error: his sword says Avacyn Innistrad. And it makes more sense too, for the udnead thing! Crusader of Odric’s outfit is also completey Innistrad-ian.