Origins Fat Pack and Booster Art

May 27th, 2015

MtG Origins Fat Pack and Booster Art:

MtG Origins Fat Pack

MtG Origins Fat Pack.Booster

  • Aarhg

    I wonder if they’re going back to the old wrapper boosters after the major success they had with the Modern Masters packaging.

    • Henri Faure

      let’s hope so….

    • Seregios MH

      Modern Masters was just a test so they’ll go back to the original packaging for a now. We can assume that the eco friendly packaging will return though.

    • Jazzyboy1

      I liked MM’s packaging. What do you not like about it?

      • Dan

        Apparently it is easy to defraud by opening the packs by the bottom and resealing it with worthless cards.

    • Kameenook

      I didn’t really have any problem with the MM2015 packing, although I didn’t recycle any either. I’m not sure that recyclable packaging is going to make much of a difference when most packs are ripped open in a game store, places not known for their lavish recycling centers.

  • Burnshausen

    The look and feel of the Magic Origins-Planeswalkers is terrible. Especially Gideon looks like a 1996-CGI-figure, Jace too. Only exception seems to be Liliana, she looks ok. And again, they mess up with the booster packaging. :/
    Don’t know what’s currently going on with Wizards, but I hope they will come to their senses soon enough.

    • Dan

      Preparing for the stupid MtG movie idea? The poses here are certainly weird, but the overall designs are fine, I guess. Jace does look pretty stupid, though. Then again, I always thought he looked pretty stupid, it’s hard to be a badass when you wear a blue cape and have a permanent emo expression.

      • Melissa Juice

        Oh god. No.
        Please, no.

      • Sporq

        It’s obviously a scheme by hasbro to make a mtg tv cartoon with candy-colored planeswalkers

      • Blake

        It is much more likely these are from the Diital game.

    • Melissa Juice

      I have to mostly agree. I’m pretty unimpressed with the art direction.

      • Sorter

        Don’t forget these are meant to be images not representations of what the card will be. As we can see the image for Liliana on the card vs the Key Art is night and day.

        • Melissa Juice

          Good point.

        • Gabe Higgins

          Agreed. Lilianna looks like she was ripped right out of an Xbox one game

    • Honestly, I could care less about the art. Its better than it used to be.

    • Gabe Higgins

      The second picture is the booster overlay that you’d see on loose packs being sold separately. like at target or GameStop. Or at “mainstream” comic stores like Newbury comics in Boston

  • Garrison Tran

    excited for origins prerelease and its online release, finally i can play magic 24/7 without having to go broke xD

  • Quincy Robinson

    This has to be early stand-in art, right???