Real or Fake? Melmonic, the Secret Isle

June 13th, 2015

Melmonic, the Secret Isle

Thanks: Alex Lopez Melero

  • ShannoSauro

    This is “wow”.

  • Richard Chembars III

    I have to say fake, this would be ridiculously too powerful. Splinter Twin would literally die because of this card… I fetch to bounce your guy in response to you casting twin. Lol…

    • Zack Zeit

      Dude this doesn’t kill twin at all. Rending volley, abrupt decay and combust are all crazy good against twin and twin wins through it. If you fetch this in response to my twin cool whatever, you better have me dead before o draw it again haha

      • Richard Chembars III

        Thing is, this is a natural card hate… abrupt decay is 2 colors. Rending volley is sideboard. Combust is sideboard. This is a mainboard hate card that is essentially free, does not result in you losing a card in hand and is a single color. This card will be 3x more impactful than all the other 3 cards combined, this will annihilate twin. Twin won’t go away, but it will be a bad deck to play especially as blue based decks are on a huge uptick currently as it is already.

  • dnLL

    Fake. Play this turn 1 and the ability never goes to the stack, so no sac. It would need to be a replacement effect, in which case the effect would be even more powerful. If this is real, it will see play in every format, from Vintage to EDH.

    • You would have to sac it if you played it turn one because you didn’t bounce a creature, rules cover this. No need for a replacement effect.

    • dingus

      Probably fake, sure, but it doesn’t require a target… It specifies on the card, if there is no target, it must be sacrificed. So if you play this turn one, and there are no creatures on the battlefield, or only creatures with hexproof, or protections from lands on the battlefield, then you would need to sacrifice the land.

  • LordHaydawg

    The font for the artist is wrong. I’m sorry but no.

    • LordHaydawg

      here is an example of a real card by jeff simpson, and look at the artist’s name font

  • Henri Faure

    If this is real this is gonna be sooo banned in almost all eternal and non-rotating formats
    It’s basically a fetchable Karakas that hits any creatures, waaay to powerful, it has to be fake

  • Taylor Mcmullen

    it should be “your” creature not “target” creature, otherwise it is in fact too powerful kills the modern format speed(ex: bounce your twin target to your hand, wurmcoil, spellskite, etc)

    • Ben Ehren

      but then the fact that its legendary but only generates 1 blue makes sense. otherwise its worse than an island.

  • Aaron Seet

    as Lordhaydawg expertly pointed out the artist font is incorrect, this is indeed a fake.

  • that would be broken as hell. totally fake

    • Granted, if it were real i’d be running this thing in about every format.

      • MagicGALAXY

        Agreed on all your points. That’s why I think it might break the standard format if it’s real. Not only is it very broken, but who in their right minds would NOT run blue for this card? Or even just have the card to bounce something? Wizards likes Diversity, this card is not the best for that in the slitest.

        • diversity shmiversity. dont you know wizards forms their own metas?

          • MagicGALAXY

            Fair enough. Should have thought of it that way.

  • MagicGALAXY

    This card is too good. It will literally break standard just like when Vampire Hexmage was printed. Okay, maybe not that bad, but Wizards didn’t even see the Hexmage & Dark Depths combo coming lol.

  • Melissa Juice


  • Disciple of Garruk

    I’m confused. Why do u guys think this thing us sooo overpowered? It’s a one time entering the battlefield effect. Not repeatable. Plus it comes into play tapped. I don’t see this breaking any formats. Maybe I’m just stupid but this card is not overpowered to me. Plus it’s legendary.

    • Derek Niles

      It is a fetchable unsummon…making it not only being able to be used whenever you want, but also at instant speed. And even tho its legendary, you can drop a second one, unsummon something, then ditch the new one so the first one is still untapped, making it a zero-mana unsummon

      • Not to mention that for the most part it’s uncounterable.

        • Derek Niles

          Yeah, that helps too

          • Disciple of Garruk

            K. Thanks guys. I get it now. I didnt think about uncounterable while looking at it. That’s what happens when a green player analyses a blue card lol

          • Kameenook

            Maybe this will help, you play big 7/7 wurm, I bounce just by playing my land/fetching it from my deck, and still have all my mana available for counterspells, all while getting a land out of the deal (albeit it tapped), and not using a card.

    • Melissa Juice

      Uncounterable (mostly), fetchable (instant-speed) unnsummon for free. Plus blue mana.
      ‘Tis fake.

    • Alex Egertsen

      It allows free turns with an Emrakul!! that my friend is broken to all hell. you pretty much can reuse emrakul 3 times over to rub it in someone’s face

  • Tommy

    If this is real. I bet each color will get someu good.

  • Derek Niles

    I’ve seen some people point out that the artist’s font is wrong, so maybe that’s the damning feature…but even though I love this card, this is wayyy wayyy wayyy wayyy too strong! so its probably fake

  • Adam Sane

    Artist name is Jeff Simpsom, with an m. Real mtg artist is Jeff Simpson.

  • Counterman

    This thing can bounce emrakul…

  • Djough Smytthe

    Fake because:
    Artist’s name is in the wrong font
    And (why has nobody mentioned this) it has the subtype Island, but the blue mana ability is still written out. Compare to the shocklands.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      I don’t understand your last reason could you explain?

      • MTGFanatic

        what he meant was no need to add “T: Add U to your mana pool”, as it already states it is an island.

      • Vizzerdrix

        it should be reminder text which is italics in parenthesis at the top. look at murmoring bosk or any shock land and you’ll see what hes talking about

  • Garrison Tran

    can bounce any creature? thats pretty cool :O
    use with bouncelands to bounce every other turn, yea?

  • Vizzerdrix

    So from what ive read below and i can see this sees super fake. effectively a fetchable karakas, the artist name is mispelled, the tap add u should be reminder text not rules text look at murmoring bosk or a shock land and you’ll see, and from what i can tell the spacing around the mana sybol seems like its too much. the full name of the card is used twice is should only be used in full once then each time after it should just be Melonic not Melmonic the secet isle, look at a card like brimaz and you can see what i mean.

    That all being said i would really like this to be real because with fetches in standard this is a really cool design space and this is as i posted above its kinda like a budget karakas it might help modern as sort of karakas effect. the rest of the cycle could be cool as well though unless its misworded its a little weird. like if it was a cycle and say the red was lightning bolt you would have to bolt something or sac it or like a giant growth or sac it, so my thought is it should have been return a creature you control which makes it way way way more narrow and unplayable especially where it enters tapped me think its fake.

    • Vizzerdrix

      also quick number check with 20 basic lands and this being m there’s 7 other nonbasic lands after this? im not entirely sure about that

      • simon powell

        that would just have to be the rest of this cycle and 3 other utility lands which is easily possible such as m15 with evolving wilds darksteel citadel or radiant fountain (i still think its fake though)

        • Vizzerdrix

          im hoping for some sort of dual lands not really sure if that matters with my quick number crunch and wether this is real or not. that being said the same idea as this as a dual land an island that taps for white i dont care if were to enter tapped even, it would be perfectly playable in standard and not break modern or legacy

  • This is super fake, but i want it to be real for broken legacy reasons.

  • Jendrik Bonkamp

    Many reasoned arguments for this being a fake have been named so far (power-level, phrasing, font&border-errors), but I´d like to point to another aspect that feels very odd about this card: the flavor.

    It´s a legendary land, in a set which is supposed to tell the origin story of 5 Planeswalkers and their homeworlds/first-interplanar-stops, so this “Melmonic”-island would have to show up in one of their stories, on one of the 10 planes we´ll get to see. IF this card was real, it had to be part of a cycle, otherwise it would be just another “let´s push blue some more, it´s so weak compared to the other colors”(sarcasm mode), which means every Planeswalker would get a corresponding land. Now, this card is probably as blue as a land could possibly be, so it obviously belongs to Jace.

    However, he comes from Vryn, a sparse world which mostly consists of stone and metal (judging from all the artworks we have seen so far), and the first world he planeswalked to was Ravnica. Now, this artwork, however, feels neither Vryn nor Ravnica. It´s most likely either Theros (due to the coloss-stature holding the stone arc and the pillar-centric buildings on the left and in the back) or Dominaria (due to the architecture of the building on the right). Now, I hardly believe that this island will belong to either Gideon (who´s story will probably play in the mouantain-city of Akros, mostly on the streets and in a prison) or Lilliana (who seems to live pretty mainland-centered on all artworks). In addition, it would be very strange if they gave each planeswalker a corresponding land which belongs to a color they don´t have.

    So, in the end, it just feels off flavorwise, no matter how you put it, and I really hope this will turn out to be a fake.

    • Fakeromon .

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but we haven’t yet seen any of Vryn’s architecture.

      • Jendrik Bonkamp

        Actually, at least four cards depicting Vryn exist so far, the first being Planechase(2012) Planecard “Trail of the Mage-Rings”, while the others are the allready spoilered Origins cards “Ringwarden Oak”, “Separatist Voidmage”, and “Hydrolash”, which all refer to the Mage-Rings either in their name or flavortext. The first three show a very barren land, with lots of rocks and metalic rings. “Hydrolash” proves that there actually IS an ocean on Vryn, but it´s only water, and no architecture, not enaugh to convince me this artwork is from Vryn. I expect most of the buildings in that world to look metalic, just like the rings, kinda esper/mirrodin like, not with artfully crafted pillars and statures of giant, naked men.

    • Gareth Martin

      Has to be a plane with tanks in it lol.

  • nail in the coffin if anyone has your doubts. Top left corner of the card outside the black boarder you can see the edge of the picture they were creating.

    • Gix

      damn you have good eyes, I didn’t notice that at all.

  • asdasdasd

    I thought it was creature that you control and got all excited, but come on, why does this have its own new page, look at it.

    • mrfun

      Cause the Snapcaster Mage is already very broken???

  • Gabe Anderson

    I could see blink edh using this

  • Red Mana Führer

    The art is from Pathfinder RPG.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, you can see part of the tank cut off on the card.

    • Melissa Juice

      Beautiful art, at least.
      Long live tabletop RPGs.

  • Kameenook

    Fake as hell, this is fetchable dawg, free unsummons for days brah, you can afford tapped legendary lands when you win on tempo EVERY TIME.

  • Kevan Kramer

    For those saying it’s a free unsummon…its not because it cost one mana by coming in trapped. The reason why it good, is because it’s uncounterable and fletchable.

    • Kameenook

      It may appear to cost one mana, which is true in a way, but also adds pure tempo without sacrificing card parity. Lands are cards too.

  • Huo

    That’s really powerful, and ridiculous, if it is real.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Fake. WIthout a single doubt.

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      Just imagining this monstrosity with Flickerwisp and Aether Vial.. Shenanigans galore.

  • Tank Johnson

    No… No way! Oh please, let this be real. Pretty rad.

    • Melissa Juice

      100% fake. Thank Krishna.

  • Adam Ezra

    I mean, a simple Google image search will give this up as a fake, based solely on the fact that this is NOT a Jeff Simpson piece of art. It’s from a Deviant artist, Zach Fowler, also from 2009.

    • Pavel B.

      Yeah, also Jeff Simpson is mistyped as Jeff Simpsom and has a different font than the one wizards uses.

    • Age of the art doesn’t play too much importance in legitimacy of a card, Omniscience’s art came out years before the card was printed or in development.

  • fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfd

    In addition, the “Tap to add blue to your mana pool” would be in brackets if this was real.

  • hipol

    i play splinter twin, in respose break the scalding tarm boucer exarch

  • Arcanis The omnipotent

    ok we already know that this is fake so might aswell take the real or fake post down as this mystery was already solved.

    • Kameenook

      All hail Arcanis, master of blue magic!

  • Happy The Cat

    sorry but you are going to have to pay for that unsmummon mister

  • Abid D. Alexander

    this is real , i mean that is clearly a magic card

    • Will Person

      said NO ONE, EVER.

  • Kameenook


  • Matthew Don

    If this was real…it’d be, nice…real nice …it’d be great.

    • Kenthris

      If this was real, it would rival Tolarian Academy’s price :p

  • Jonathan Mueller

    Well-crafted fake, but that power level is off the charts.

    • Gives every color access to sorcery-speed unsummon WHILE acting as mana source in future turns
    • Can be fetched, which allows for ridiculously easy tutorable tempo through the unsummon effect
    • Can be bounced or flickered to reuse the effect if you feel like it
    • Produces blue freaking mana without any drawback (no, entering tapped is not a drawback when you get that etb trigger).

  • ShahrazadMan

    The only problem I have is the fact that it says to tap for blue even though it’s an island. It’s also just a free unsummon, so yeah.

  • Daem Vorster

    fake since the just-now spoiled cave of koilos is collector’s number 245/272

  • fellwynd

    If it were real it’d be wizards apology to blue because of treasure cruise and dig through time