Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Amonkhet Prizes

February 23rd, 2017

All players who participate in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier will receive:

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

and a deck box:

a deck box

The Top 16 players at each RPTQ also receive:

Amonkhet Playmat


Exact locations and dates: Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Amonkhet

  • Eldrazis in Amonketh ? ^^

    • Zombie

      You thought it was Nicol Bolas, but it was ME, EMRAKUL, ALL ALONG

      • HighPriest

        You were expecting master Nicol Bolas? Too bad! It was Emmy-chan! (Nicol Bolas-sama ka to Omotta? Zannen! Emmy-chan Deshita!)

        That aside, I’d like a copy of this version of Emrakul. Not in the block, obviously! Let her chill in the moon for a few eons.

        • Brittany Miller

          Lulz this reply is beautiful. Emmy-chan.

      • Deadly Berry

        I’d go with that. Anything’s better than Gatewatch nowadays.

        • Zombie

          I honestly don’t know anyone who actually LIKES the “Gatewatch” idea.

          All I’ve legitimately seen are people who hate it or people who put up with it.

          • Hedronal

            The people who like it are less vocal, and we do tend to also admit its flaws.

          • Zombie

            My prime reason for disliking the Gatewatch is first and foremost that it’s completely unnecessary.

            The Gatewatch doesn’t need to exist. Shadows Over Innistrad required absolutely no involvement from the Gatewatch to be a complete story, yet they STILL had to wrap Liliana up into as The Black Power Ranger.

            In fact, the story would have probably been even BETTER sans Gatewatch.

            It’s nothing but a tool to market the game, and it’s stupid.

          • Hedronal

            It could also end up being a way to show characters dynamically changing over time, or to frame the blocks differences in terms of recurring points of view.

            As to its necessity or lack thereof, any time now could also have some action that no planeswalker would take individually, like going to a Bolas-ruled plane to deal with him. That said, Shadows and Kaladesh could have just had Jace/Liliana and Chandra/Nissa respectively.

          • Zombie

            But you don’t need a Power Ranger/ Super Friends/ Justice League- style bumbling pile of nonsense to deal with that, though.

            It would feel much more impactful to a story if the Planeswalkers came together of their own volition without being obligated by their pacts to “The Gatewatch”. Done that way, a Planeswalker’s specific return to the story would feel more important rather than shoehorned/forced into the story to fill a quota.

            This is the primary reason I hate the prevalence of Jace in the MTG story line. So much could be done with plenty of other Blue Planeswalkers, Jace doesn’t have to be plastered onto the face of everything. It just feels like Wizards is trying to turn Jace into Pikachu.

            Wouldn’t you rather have a really important Jace card signifying a major plot point appear far rarer than they do now? Why wouldn’t a different Blue Walker or a new Walker entirely not just fit the specific plane’s story arc better?

            I just find the Gatewatch so fundamentally flawed and weak from a storytelling standpoint. They’re using it as a crutch and an easily marketable symbol, which just cheapens it.

          • Noatzon

            Well you yourself already answered your own question. Wizards wants to turn Magic into a recognizable brand and expand outside the trading card world. Magic Digital Next is a primary example of them wanting to be more recognizable to the general public. I

            t’s as you say – they WANT to make Jace the new Piccahu. The “Gatewatch” is a easily promoted and marketable thing. Power Rangers were popular back in the days, and to some extent still is, Wizards want their own version of that.

            There is talk about a Movie coming sometime in the future and i’d be surprise if it weren’t a Hollywood blockbuster kinda thing, not intended for us fans but for the general public to get their eyes on “Magic”.

            I’m even one of “those people” who don’t particularly mind the Gatewaych, i even think it’s quite the cool idea. But then again i reeeeally liked the old magic story when Dominaria and the Weatherlight was the thing. A overarching narrative can be exciting if it’s well executed, the Gatewatch though isn’t up to that good a start. I’m still salty over how utterly terrible the BFZ-OGW story was, god darn it was an atrocious mess of bland and boring.

            The biggest obstacle for the Gatewatch moving forward is making sure that the magic stires stil lfeel like magic stories, something i can’t say they’ve done a splendid job of as of late. The last one i really enjoyed was probably the short stories back when EMN was released. Though the Kaladesh arc have had it’s fair share of excellent “chapters”.

          • Zombie

            Wizards shouldn’t want to turn the game into a recognizable brand because already IS one.

            Magic has been out for well over 20 years now. It’s one of the most played games on the planet. Chances are good that if you walk up to some random person on the street they will have heard about, or likely even been introduced to, MTG at some point in their life.

          • Noatzon

            But that’s not what the Bobs at the top sees. They see Pokemon that has all sorts of suplementary products that sell and they want that too.

          • Deadly Berry

            My main problem with Gatewatch, aside from the mind-numbing stories, is the excessive focus they give to Planeswalkers. Well obviously, Gatewatch is all about PW, but this is also impacting in the gameplay, as if the purpose of every block is to force more and more planeswalkers in, which is neglecting the other card types. Now with PW intro packs we get another two every release; that’s overkill.

          • Hedronal

            What street do you live on?!

          • Zombie

            Yo momma’s

          • Hedronal

            Jace has been printed in the story all of three times, with reason for it being him each time. That said, he and Liliana were the only Gatewatch that were relevant to Shadows. Ditto Chandra, Nissa and Liliana in Kaladesh, and Nissa and Chandra in BfZ.

            The problem as I see it is that the whole group gets dragged into things (sans Ajani now), when that’s just too much and some of them are irrelevant.

      • Derek Niles

        I liked it in BfZ, but I hate that it HAS to show up in every block now. Hopefully after their confrontation with Bolas we can get a few blocks without them

  • Litdaze

    They’re giving this just for participating? Damn

    • MagicGALAXY

      I agree. A bit surprised.

    • Johnny Baggins

      You have to qualify. It’s not like anyone can just go.