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July 14th, 2012

  • Tim

    Art #7… Gideon in Ravnica? Heck yes!

    • Tdwpguy42

      Ya he is teamed up with the Boros guild

    • He’s in Gatecrash, set 2 in the block…

  • guest

    a BW Gideon would be pretty badass!


    • Sorry he’s Red/White…

    • Horus_spellfenix


  • Hansjakob91

    the first pic looks like the emporer from star wars *gg*

  • Jimin3d

    Borborygmos is back?

  • Jimin3d

    and Rakdos the Defiler!

  • Art # 6 So I guess that’s Jarad?

    • That’s his art in the set, he has alternate art in Izzet vs. Golgari…

      •  That’s pretty sweet

      • Lonethief

        Which means we’ll probably get the new Mizzet too :D

        • Hard to say, it seems like they said that it was going to be The Firemind being reprinted in that set, with new art, but I honestly don’t know for sure, fingers crossed for the new version though…

          • Lonethief

            I’m mostly getting the deck for those damn Gelectrodes XD

  • Kyrille

    #7 reminds me of Concerted Effort

  • Kyrille

    #3 is probably Ghost Quarter yet again

    • Erik Rubino

      That’s the Obzedat, the ghost council’s new card, with its proper name

  • I may be wrong, but I think what we are seeing here is all the Guildmasters, including the new Guildmasters for the Guilds that lost their leaders in Dissension.

  • kyklops


  • Jyrocks

    No, #3 is ghost counsel of orzhav

    • Lonethief

      Its actual name is the Obzedat.

  • Nightmarenickc

    calling it right now, U/R Jace, R/W Gideon.

    • Lonethief

      Jace is to level-headed to go U/R. They justified Niv-Mizzet being part red by his species, powers, and tendency to eat members of his council who contradict him. Gideon could definitely happen in R/W though.

      • Drafty

        Nope because in the book jace is really stupid and makes really dumb decisions

    • Empyrean

      He could just as easily be U/W since he’s apparently working at the Azorius Senate when Garruk interrogates him about Liliana’s whereabouts in the comics.

    • Rev Shad

       i don’t think they will turn Gideon R/W cuz they did that with Ajani and then turned him back to just W, but there will probably be some R or R/W cards that relate to Gideon only because of the picture of him with Feather.
      As for Jace don’t think they would turn him U/R because of Ral Zarek and Jace’s charater may be stupid but he is a master of thought and the mind, unless Mizzet manipulated Jace into contact with the Firemind which i could see happening because no way Jace can out think a Dragon Thought Master. As for the U/W idea Empyrean had it not bad and has backing in the story as we know it.

  • Gersberms

    #18 Ermagerd! A nerr gerldperkt!
    #14 Ermagerd! Rerx Merederr! (Rix Maadi)
    #15 Ermagerd! Svergthers!

  • #1 Szadek’s backkkkk

    • Tjboyll

      they revealed in the panal that it is not Szadek.  I do not remember his name, but he is a shapeshifter

  • Deasianguy

    does #1 remind anyone of ratcatcher? 

  • Ellisjr Griffin

    Im just happy as fuk to see NIV

  • Lonethief

    Who’s that merfolk?

  • psycho plan

    gideon is very cool, I’m anxious

  • zekthan

    You think that merfolk might be a new planeswalker after looking at all the support they gave merfolk in M13?

  • Alindsay14d

    any idea who’s in the first pic?

    • Garruk,PrimalHunter

      New Dimir Guldmaster

  • DCM

    From the top… left to right… In my opinion…

    Szadek – Borborygmos – Obzedat (Ghost council)

    ??? – Razia or Feather – Svogthir

    Gideon?? – Rakdos – Niv Mizzet

    Isperia – Chorus – Forest

    Mountain – Swamp – Island

    Plains – Guildpact – Jace & Mizzet

    • Garruk,PrimalHunter

      No, you are mostly wrong. there will be no Szadek of chorus of the conclave. They are being removed to be replaced by new guild masters

  • Lonethief

    Who else thinks Gruul will dominate in standard? Flinthoof Boar? Huntmaster of the Fells? I’d build it.

  • peaceout0813

    Gruul dominating in standard?…what if birds/llanowar doesn’t get printed in RTR…?

    • Lonethief

      Then we all get shot down by Snapcaster Mage’s Lazor arm cannon of death.

  • Who is that angel with Gideon ?

    • FutureCam

      She’s probably Feather, the ‘last angel’ from the Ravnica novels

  • Anybody knows that angel with Gideon?

  • Cheesebox

    i agree with Nightmarenickc

    • Nighightmarenickc


      • Nightmarenickc

        lol spelled my own name wrong

  • Cheesebox

    It says the other guilds are not in until Gatecrash, but #16 looks like the Ghost Council, #17 maybe Borborygmos, #14 might be feather or a new boros guildleader, and #18 mabye a new Dimir guildleaderr?

  • Ezrahanlin

    DCM: I dont think thats Svothgir, i think its Jarad as a zombie.

  • I believe if you look at the first eleven pictures and then take out the Gideon/Feather picture we are looking at the new ten guild leaders, some obviously the same as they were last block others having to be replaced the order would be, Dimir ( U/B with perhaps a new assassin leader, it was alluded to in the books that thieves and ghostwalkers may have been part of the secret guild), Gruul (R/G with either the old cyclops or perhaps a new), Orzhov(W/B with the same Ghost Council probably with some new members), Simic( G/U a merfolk to replace crazy-dead Momir Vig), Boros(R/W with the last remaining Angel leading them Feather…I forget her real name), Golgari ( B/G with Jarad who claimed leadership after the first book),, Rakdos( B/R with their demon leader), Izzet( R/U still lead by the last living dragon Niv-Mizzet), Azorius( W/U perhaps this is Isperia replacing the judge, or another new sphinx), Selesnya( G/W ruled by a collective of the most devout and dryads, the elf looks pretty holy and one woman is walking out of a tree). Then we are gifted with an image of each basic land Forest, Mountain, Swamp, Island, Plains, some sort of guildpact statue and the art that makes all the Jace fan boys drool.

    Of course this is all speculation but I hope I am right!

    • Oz

       If you think back to it though, they never actually said that Szadek died, meaning that he could make a return in this set as the guild leader in Dimir, Then i could see Jarad as the gruul leader (since he took over in the books) and i could see the return of Fonn with something to do with Selesnya, or possibly even bir (fonn’s wolf companion), i’d actually like to see a printing of Mat’selesnya as the guild leader for selesnya.  I agree with Feather, Borborgymos, Rakdos, and Niv-Mizzet, dont know about the sphinx

      • Necroci

        I believe Szadek became a ghost at the end of Ravnica block, so he’ll probably stay the leader and get a new card (hopefully with the awesome type of Spirit Vampire). And the Izzet/Golgari duel decks description mentions that Jarad is the new leader of the Golgari. This block takes place more than 100 years after the original (I think), so the Gruul leader is probably Borborygmos’s descendant and the Azorius could have either been taken over by Isperia or have a descendant of the old leader (probably Isperia, based on the pictures).

        •  Fonn is only half-elven so I doubt she would last longer than her on again off again paramour Jarad, but perhaps their son took over? I totally agree that Mat’selesnya needs a card! Szadek is not destroyed in the books but the spirit world is now being harshly policed so I still doubt that he will return but who knows?

  • BangaaBrute

    If you watched the video from Comic-Con then you would know who all these people are.

  • Lonethief

    The look on Isperia’s face looking down at the streets puts funny scenes in my head…
    “I thus declare that under order number- Hey! quiet in the peanut gallery!”

  • Lonethief

    Zoom in on Niv’s picture. He is sitting on A GIANT PILLOW.

    • Rev Shad

       heck yes he is an ancient and powerful Dragon Thought Master worthy of such respect as a throne which is more or less what that is.

  • Spacewolf83

    So who’s the guy with the scarred up mouth? He looks badass. A new Dimir parun?

    • RevShad

      parun refers to the founder so he maybe the new Guildmaster but he wouldn’t be a parun
      the only still living and ruling paruns are Niv-Mizzet, Rakdos and posably members of the current Obzedat (Ghost Council of Orzhova)
      It is thought that Svogthir may still be alive and do to the way the Simic work, parts of the Parun may still be alive.
      Also Mat’selesnya is encased in Vitu-Ghazi so she may still be alive

  • Jcarek

    I think that some of the pirctures look like shock lands.

  • Lonethief

    I think “The Great Concourse” is the art for Temple Garden.

  • Lonethief

    Art 28 — RALLLL ZAREEEKKKKK!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D FINALLY!!!!!!!

  • Lonethief

    Wait a second… 10 new land-like art? 0.o