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September 4th, 2012

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  • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

    That Selesnya one on the end is CREEPY.

    • blueisoverrated

      it all depends on how you view selesnya. shes a dryad so shes going to look a little weird.

      • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

        Most of the Dryads are pretty neat and interesting overall. Its just her eyes. They look like the skin around them is a mask rather than, well, skin. :P

  • Lorescale

    Why not put the izzet guildmage on the boosterpack with all the other guildmages (i expect these guys to be the guildmages)
    and put Niv-Mizzet on the playmat?

    • Exploreroftheunknown

      I’m pretty sure they’re the guild leaders, not mages, considering Jarad is also there.

      • RedOak

        Jarads not on these. thats the guildmage.

  • nissa come back

    i bet wotc didnt release the last art of the booster pack since it has nissa revane on it

    • Jeru Roku

      They confirmed the PW is a new Female character, and im thinking its a gorgon, maybe even the last living sister of stone death

      • Golgari :D

         You did see that they already released the new PW right? Vrasks the Unseen?

  • sphinxy

    that might be the planeswalker. the selesnya one. she looks like one of the people in the video. the one with that cool looking wood elemental growing

  • Mmie

    They are all awesome

  • Theryonicle