• Popel

    two golgari, please :D

  • iso365

    these are terrible.

  • Tim

    The net value on the Golgari deck could be worse, but the Rakdos deck is pretty damn poor. It has nice cards, but not high value ones.

  • craig pelton

    way more happy about the sideboards than anything else

  • Beto

    thragtusk, woodland cemetery, wolfir silverheart and a set of strangleroot geist… Yay golgari

    • nate

      dont forget a set of vampire nighthawks and 2 charms
      i want to buy 100 of golgari

  • N8sl8er

    wow if this is true im buying like 4 golgari’s

  • Caos Monster Of Reality

    There is going to be a zoo.

  • Fsffsz

    YESS finally wizards is dumb enough so that we can profit the deck 1. thragtusk $20
                                                                                                       2. Woodland Cemetary $10-15
    Thanks wizards -Mick and all the people who loves decks that are priced at $23 and could be sold at $30-35 :)