Return to Ravnica Trailer

September 2nd, 2012

  • BangaaBrute


  • jadefang

    a potent mind? its bolas its aways bolas. ( joke )

  • lover of jace

    man a mainly blue season ya and the new planes walker jace well th ename is new at least but a mainly blue season uh huh

  • Spoiler

    The Unknown power at work will be Nicol Bolas

  • klangas1234

    After trailer finishes it suggests you watch Gangnum Style

  • Jay

    Jace is already aware with Bolas’s minds presence. i believe it to be something new, perhaps in the 3rd block Ravnica is swarmed by Eldrazi? (herp derp no!) Vraska is new, this mind (in which jace speaks of) could be a new face to magic as well