Rootborn Defenses from Return to Ravnica in a M13 Pack

July 30th, 2012

Here’s two pictures sent to us by Bruce Erenberger who pulled this card from a M13 pack.

Rootborn Defenses – with Return to Ravnica set symbol.

Rootborn Defenses - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

M13 Misprint from Ravnica

Rootborn Defenses - WOTC Signed

M13 Misprint from Ravnica - Rootborn Defences

  • That Guy

    How did you get that from an M13 pack? Is there any way to prove it? Was it some how intentional by WOTC? Was it just some random pack or was it handed to you by someone “suspicious”? How many of you think this is fake? How many of you think this makes Selesnya better? (I never really liked Selesnya much) Do I ask too many questions? Are these questions stupid?

    • Aslkdjf

      Do horses have shoes? Is anybody listening to me?

      • Guest

        I’m not OP but I’ll try.

        Not sure. No. No. Not sure. Many. Not many. No. Not really. Sometimes. A few.

  • guest

    id say its legit. but only because i once got a time shifted goblin snowman from timespiral in a pack of zendicar. so i know first hand that wierd stuff like this does happen.

    • Dsffsd

       That was a thing in Zendikar though…

    • Wally The Warlock

      Yeah dude, google it

      Some people got Power 9

      Here though, I actually do think it’s realAny forger would have fixed something as blatantly obvious as copyright text. I figure they’re either changing it to this or the card just isn’t complete yet (as it obviously wasn’t meant to be released)

    • Asd

      This is hilarious.

  • well it might be interesting to play with that mechanic. seems cool. it will see so much play in talrand decks!

  • Xero

    The copyright text at the bottom doesn’t look right.  It should be: “TM & (C) 1993-2012 Wizards of the Coast LLC 19/274”

  • Guest

    Its fake. It doesnt have LLC in the bottom copyright text. Plus it doesnt have 1993-2012 either.

    • EJSeltzer

      I have to agree with this point…I find it a little bizarre that this would happen to turn up when Wizards decides to change from an LLC to what are they now because I’m sure that would have been news on some front.  As much as I want to believe I’m calling out shenanigans !!!

    • Guest

      Good points in calling it a fake, however what strikes me the most on this being a fake is the card Cackling Counterpart, 2 blue, 1 colorless to do this so called “Populate” ability is a rare in standard.  Sure the mana may be changed or the rarity due to the fact that it has Flashback, but seeing how excellent this card is without its flashback cost, I find it hard to believe they will release a card that trumps it and is more splashy for only a common.  If this card was real it would obviously be an uncommon at the very least.

      • 123

        Umm this only makes a copy of a token creature, not any creature.

      • Len

        Cackling Counterpart may copy any creature – this one may only copy a creature token.  And I don’t really see how “excellent” 
        Cackling Counterpart is outside of Limited. 
        This card is perfectly reasonable at common, because it doesn’t do anything overpowered or even powerful for that matter – without setup it actually does nothing. It requires a specific deck-shell to give any value (or to have any impact) in the first place. And it’s highly situational. Sure it looks good when combined with attacking Geist of Saint Traft, but apart from that, it doesn’t combine profitably with any other standard legal card. So until they spoil a lot more cards that could abuse it in a  consistent way (and please don’t write funny things like Garruk Relentless  – paying 3 mana and a card for an additional wolf token is pathetic) it won’t see any standard play. Not even sideboard, again, because it is to narrow and situational in application, not to mention the fact that indestructible part doesn’t  work against for example Mutilate. 

        It’s a decent combat trick for Limited I guess. And that’s it. Not even close to being uncommon power-level wise. 

        • Adejean

           the way that i could see it being used is to break bonfire against b/w tokens or r/w tokens with goblins in standard.

  • BrennanBinkerd

    The inner circle of the emblem looks a little too big.

  • guest

    well too be fair it is a misprint card so it shouldn’t be prefect.

    • Xero

      It’s not a misprint, it was just mispackaged.  It should still have the correct copyright.  You can believe whatever you like, but my money would go on this being fake.  It’s a very good looking fake though, I got excited for a minute.

  • Marsh

    Where is Mark Zug’s signature in the picture? The “MZ” he always does? That makes me think it is fake…

    • Guest

       It’s in the bottom right corner… Fairly faint, but it’s there. If this is fake, this is a RIDICULOUS amount of work for it, going so far as to imitate a well-known Magic artist, or stealing unreleased art obviously meant to be used in the upcoming set, or maybe Mark Zug himself is in the business of making fake cards now?

    • guest

      On the bottom right of the image…look closely.

  • thefifth

    I’m gonna call B.S. on this one, sorry guys..

  • Guy

    No no, the cards real, but the booster pack he bought was a fake

  • WELLINGton Santos

    yes course. why not make an ability to help an block where had so token spells…so original, eh WOTC??

    • Cage

      Nice thought construction! You high on bath salts?

  • Erenberger Bruce

    My wife bought a sealed booster box from our local card shop. This was in the 3rd booster pack from the top. in a sealed pack. It was in place of where the land card would be, just after the rare. Its the only card that didn’t belong out of the entire box, So I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Who knows, maybe it will get printed correctly and I’ll just have a unique card to myself. :D

    • Xero

      I’m not saying you are lying for sure, I just find it hard to believe.  But hey, if it is real, that’s an awesome story.

    • Tim

       I honestly believe that it is real for quite a few reasons.

      1) The art. The guild emblem is on the human’s shouldermail and the general vibe of the area just oozes Ravnica. It’s not uncommon for companies to have some resources ready for their next project before the previous one comes out.
      2) If it’s a misprint in general, it is very possible that it can have numerous flaws. People nitpicking about the details on the bottom left, I feel like you are just TRYING to either be in denial or write this guy off as a hack for the fun of it.
      3) Populate seems like a genuinely good idea for the WG guild mechanic. Both colors are very token heavy, and Populate is an awesome mechanic idea to go with it. They said that all 10 guilds are getting new mechanics, and this seems like a cool new one that’s very out of the left field, yet also very fitting.

      I will say however that this card seems way too good for a 3 drop common. Field indestructible and token cloning at instant speed just seems really good on paper. Especially with stuff like Garruk’s black wolf tokens around. That may say something about the power scale of the block though, and exactly how much token emphasis there may be.

      Thanks for sharing this image, it’s giving me a lot to think about for the new set. :)

      • Ajcolwell

        Who cares about wolf tokens when you can copy Geist’s angel.  Geist reads that he creates a token, and then you exile that token at the end of combat.  So if you pop this then it would copy the token and it wouldnt be exiled because the token itself is not what exiles the token……seems good.

        • Not only that, it saves him in combat too. I see this as an anti-bonfire card with much upside. It’s probably a rare

          • Tim

             This wouldn’t be the first time we see a card that’s more powerful than it’s rarity implies (Rancor). You definitely have a good point, Ajoclwell, but at the time of posting I was thinking more about potential defensive applications that come from extra Deathtouch blockers. The Angels route is a good idea though, and one that I think would see tons of play.

        • Austin Kinsey

          I hope that you know that GOST rolls out at Ravnica…

          • Len

            I hope you’ve realized by now that it doesn’t… 

          • you just went full retard

    • Lonethief

      SELL IT and make big moneys.
      KEEP IT and be awesome.

    • Judge4

      I bought two cases and there where no accidental cards, there where ink smears and the usual first print stuff but there is no RTR in any M13 they are not even going to be printed on the same plate.

  • Avagantamosbox

    here is somethign everyone is missing that is even more important. so a common that for 3 mana at instant speed not only makes a copy of a creature ou control, but then makes all your creatures indestructable, at common. First off this is a blue ability for the token and secondly cacking counterpart was a rare, why wouldn’t this.

    • Sage

      read it better comrade, it says copy a creature TOKEN you control. 

      • Erenberger Bruce

         Its a common mistake, I had to read it twice myself. It is in fact only a copy of a TOKEN creature, so you would have to already have a token out on the field to get anything more than protection.

        • Ramenking13

          Actually, I think you HAVE to satisfy the Populate ability to cast it at all. It’s the first thing on the card. So it acts like a restriction to make the card less powerful.

          • Mphewitt3

            The spell has no targets, so you can always cast it, whether or not you have a token creature.

  • Guest

    This card must be a manufacture flaw. It wasn’t finished clearly since it doesn’t have the copyright text. But if it is actually FAKE then it’s the most realistic fake I’ve ever seen.

  • Guest

    This card also shouldn’t be a common. WAY to strong. It’s an instant that guarantees protection with a copy of a creature.

    • Greekguy7

      It copies a token, not a creature itself, unless the token is a copy of a creature.

    • Davidzartler

      If you look it says you have to put a token into play that copies a token, it could provide a very good copy of another card but you would have to have the right cards to do it.

  • Shhh!…..spoilers :)

    Soul Foundry has become a million times better! Anyone up for Platinum Angel?

  • Greekguy7

    They said that new guild mechanics will wok with old guild mechanics. I think it works with Convoke in a way.

  • Bioboyufpr

    Lucky you! If u get it signed by MZ, this card will be worth a lot of moneyz :)

  • OMG!

    Looks like one of the WotC employees got a bit too excited again! About misprinting, yes he might have hidden the Inc. or LLC at the bottom of the card to prevent anyone tracing him.

  • notop

    That’s pretty neat. I’m sure if it does get printed, and the text changes at all, that’ll be worth something to collectors. Hell, it’d probably be worth something to collectors if it doesn’t change, if you can prove the time stamp later.

  • guest

    If this is a real card, just imagine this. Miracle Entreat the Angels, next turn use this…

  • Guest

    Not only is the oracle text for indestructible wrong, but populate is a terrible mechanic.

    • Smarter guest

       The oracle text isn’t wrong.  Since they put reminder text for two different abilities in the parentheses, they needed a way to distinguish between the two abilities, and the way they worded sounds and fits better than “Creatures with indestructible cannot be destroyed by damage and effects that say ‘destroy.'”

      • guest

        It’s not the worst idea.. Intangible virtue and parallel lives already interact and they’re the only cards that have such large scale token-specific interactions like that.. 

  • Guest

    This is fake

  • R0kygurl

    LOL! XD’ toO strong for a common, this is fake’ 1st RTR expasion logo is fake’ 2nd its border is full of damage because its not a real card’ this is print using HD printers, 3rd the card ability is horrible’ , an instant card that make your creatures indestructible? holycrab!

    • Erenberger Bruce

      You’re welcome to believe whatever you like :)

  • OMG!

    I’m more concerned that this guy might have gotten the frame of a blank Magic Card (prior to printing) and randomly printed a card off. If so, he can be faking anything as long as he’s got access to HQ Image scans.

    • Erenberger Bruce

       Really? Don’t you have friends to bounce ideas off of before saying something like this in public? they should have stopped you before this happened. You need better friends >.<

  • Moo

    Well, this should be worth some money in the future. ;)

  • Xydfredo

    its FAKE look at the card number  19/274, alphabetically speaking “R” would be in 150 something not in 19???

    • Arious Cruaver

       As far as I’m aware, it goes not only alphabetically, but also by colour. A-Z in White, followed by A-Z in the rest of the cycle, ending off with artifacts, multicoloured, and land. So, depending upon the naming of the white cards in RTR, 19 could be feasible.

    • Hyperbd23

      Isn’t card number’s include the color order of white – blue – black – red – green – multi – artifact – lands? Sanctuary cat is card number 19 even if Dark Acension is a smaller set. Since Ravinica is a multicolor set I’ll bet most of the cards will be multicolor. A real magic artist with a believable mechnic for its guild makes me belief for now that this is a real card. As another commenter said, won’t any forger but the copyright symbol on it? It looks way to strong for a common though! I’m excited to draft them if they are.

      • guest

        would be so cool if this cards pack was opened in a draft!

  • Tran The Dragoon

    Ok, well for those who are saying the numbering is off it might not be, I have seen a few very strange numbering in the history of magic, as for the rules text yes it is wrong, the and should be replaced by a period else populate makes your creatures indestructible by nature. as for the copyright errors could simply be a format they use in production, again not the strangest form ever for them to use. take a look at some of the old ice age original prototype cards. the my 2 main concerns with this card and the only thing keeping me from calling it completely real are as follows.1 the power level of the card, I have seen many the powerful card in magic but this one would certainly take the cake when it come to combo. (eg: this card targeting  anything that returns an instant to your hand.) the other main concern is the set symbol, there are a few little details that seem really off about it overall though either an amazing acquisition or an amazing creation as its hard to tell whether it real or fake for me.well done either way.

  • Viriathus

    I’m wondering if this wasn’t ever meant to be distributed, maybe this was printed (albeit incomplete), just for playtesting purposes and maybe a wiseguy at WotC thought it would be funny to throw it in with a M13 pack to see what kind of buzz it might elicit for Return to Ravnica. Occum’s Razor

    • Malhim

       Cards for playtesting didn’t see printing like regular cards, instead they print cards with the card codes, his type, effect mana cost, sometimes with possible names, then paste this ‘proxies’ in old cards to playtest.

    • The play test cards don’t see printing, as Malhim said, but play testing would have been 6 months ago at least. The printing is probably done by now.

  • amffufuf

    if this is true then 1 big/awesome creature you control+cackling counterpart+populate abilty=army. =) then opponents miracles terminus=*facepalm*

  • Mike Thomas

    It’s not that strong, really. I mean, consider Safe Passage. It gives all creatures and yourself protection from damage. Trade in protection for yourself for indestructibility in your creatures and a token copy of a token for the exact same mana cost seems reasonable.

  • Erik Rubino

    if it were a fake don’t you think he’d make it as realistic as possible, not have all these obvious flaws?

    • firemage1228

      what obvious flaws? there is only one flaw in the card and that is the lack of a copyright tag, but that is easily explainable 

  • Malhim

    Fake card.
    1) The year is wrong, the notation in cards was 1993-(year of impresion of the card). The older cards had only the year of the impresion, but this was changed.
    2) The company name is wrong, it is Wizards of the Coast LLC, some old cards has the legend: Wizards of the Coast Inc, but again this was changed a couple of years before.
    3) The art doens’t fit with the card effect. In recent years, WotC try to keep better illustrate the effects in the art of the cards.

  • Mitozaki8

    From what I have seen in mtg cards recently long texts come first then the keywords and the keywords then have their explanations right behind them.
    Could just be me but im on the this is fake side.

    As well, I believe wizards went to until eot instead of this turn. As far as card text read it carefully your putting a copy of a creature token, not a creature, so making a token copy of a token? Then put it into a keyword?

    • guest

      It creates the token before giving indestructibility 

  • herpaderp

    This didn’t show up in an m13 pack on accident.  M13 packs aren’t worth buying so they’re trying to sell more by slipping RTR cards in

    • Guest

      Are you retarded?

    • themindsculptor

       It’s my same theory!!!

    • firemage1228

      thats the most stupid thing i have ever heard. wizards is having absolutely no problem selling m13 and ravnica will be the best selling set of all time. to insinuate that this is a marketing technique is ridiculous 

      • fiend-blooded

        i must agree…one of the most stupid things!

      • NikoBelick1

        actually m13 are not worth buying, loook at prices at all time low on boster packs/boxs

  • Spockawitz

    Seems Possible I once opened a new phyrexia booster full of rares, nothing too good and all from the same set but it shows that sometimes the card cutting machines down at wizards can fill a booster with things that arnt supposed to be in there.

  • Lol

    Its fake, not only by the obvious flaws but because the card itself is insanly op, common and with no drawbacks.

    • shane uminn

      i have a few words for you. delver, gitaxian probe, vapor snag, ponder. ty.

      • Lol

        LOL. Dont even compare, just dont.

  • This is a fake. Very nice attempt, but one important thing was not done… and I’m not talking about the copyright stuff (though that is an important miss as well). I’m talking about the watermark in the text box. As of SDCC, all guild seals are now colored according to their faction instead of being mono colored as previously released. This coloring is something that most card editors either cannot do or cannot match exactly. The new Selesnya seal is a green tree with white sun-like leaves, unlike this monoshaded one in the background. My point is further proven with the Japanese Niv-Mizzet and Jarad that have been spoiled from the upcoming Izzet vs Golgari duel decks, where the guild seals in the text box are clearly colored per the new versions. 

    As far as the art goes, it might very well be something of MZ’s that was either bought from unreleased art or was a commission from the artist at an event he attended, although it doesn’t look like any of his previous work from Ravnica. Some of the shaping and coloration is wrong, especially the fact that the character in front looks super-imposed and sized-to-fit over what resembles a browned out Ravnica Swamp.Now I will give you the benefit of the doubt(though by a very slim margin) that you pulled it from a M13 booster, but given the various points that many have given concerning the legitimacy of this card I do believe you have been duped. Given that conclusion, I can think of two reasons you obtained this card.1) The card was from someone in R&D’s early work (given its seemingly in development feel to it’s ability text, lack of colored seal, and lack of copyright) and it was placed into the packaging to build hype for the set. This is the more plausible of the two.
    2) You were the victim of a resealed pack. By that meaning, someone opened that pack, slipped a card that they created and printed themselves into the land slot to either build false hype or to play a joke, and then resealed the pack. Resealing isn’t that hard of a thing to do if you have the right equipment. I’ve heard tales of store owners who would carefully open each pack of a booster, take the good rares to add to their sales books and then replace them with much less valuable ones and reseal the pack. 

    • Erenberger Bruce

      I thank you for you’re wrong opinions, I’ve already sent the card back to WOTC to prove its legitimacy. All of you concerns have already been disproved elsewhere in other forums. Feel free to do some research at your leisure.

    • themindsculptor

       Well, the watermarks in Izzet vs. Golgari, as if in the old Ravnica set, are “bicolored” only in multicolored cards because of the base color layer, that is bicolored; in fact, if you watch carefully a monocolored card of old Ravnica with a watermark, this will be also monocolored, so this point is totally wrong in your comment.
      Further, the art is totally in the artist style, and there is Selesnya symbol on the shoulder of the subject. As for the ambientation, i hope it is a swamp, because the card’s name is rootborn DEFENSES, and which best location than a swamp to prove the strength of Selesnya defenses?!

      My conclusion is that you wasted a lot of time to write this absurdly long comment, and only to make it prove furtherly that you’re wrong… ^^

  • Sam R.

    I can believe it is real and just mis-packaged. During an AVR draft my friends rare wound up being a sword of body and mind.

  • Palmyracurt

    I think one of the problems with this card is that it’s 19/274. R is pretty far back in the alphabet and i dont think there would only be 18 white cards under it

  • 1996james

    I think this means we will see the return of cards like infest.

  • Demister02

    keep this shit it’s going to be worth alot if it is a misprint

  • Demister02

    it even has the watermark hard to say it’s fake

  • Some reasoning to all the it’s fake remarks:

    1) It’s Ravnica, meaning there are substantially more dual colored cards that go to the back, making the white bunch a bit smaller, making it already normal to be card “19” in the order
    2) It’s most likely indeed a publicity stunt of Wizards, not printing their copyright information on the card is exactly what Wizard would do if they did it as a publicity stunt. It prevents the card from being used “as of now” as it is not a legitimate sanctioned card. It also is easier for them to wash their hands clean as what could be considered “unfair” that they give (a random) somebody access to cards of an upcomming set.
    3) The emblem used as a watermark is maybe monocolored because it is a monocolored card? (see Chant of Vitu-Ghazi vs Chorus of the Conclave)

  • Captmorgan96

    If it is real it’s a nice anti field wipe for token decks

  • Guest

    maybe its just because the cards not finished yet, but why does it say “this turn” instead of “until end of turn”

    • That mean the effect remains after the card resolves. New creatures that come into play at any time after the card was played will be indestructible.

  • bigd

    wow u guys r stupid u dont need to have all that written to show its copy marked the tm and c in a circle are all u need there probly just going to start doing that to cut down on all the ink  from printing

  • Celloboy25

    First off, the 1993-2012 is missing. So, that is irrefutable. Besides that, if this were real it would have the explanation for the new keyword on the same line as it, without another effect in between them. And also, it would say “Creatures you control are indestructible until end of turn.” not “this turn.” That’s retarded. Whoever made this fake should’ve tried harder.

    • Guest

      You are incorrect.  Search gatherer for Break of Day– it follows the same formatting this does, saying creatures are indestructible “this turn”.

  • fiend-blooded

    It’s fake, it’s not fake, who really cares? it’s a nice card, with great art and thanks to mr. erenberger for sharing with the world!

     i wonder though if one of you wise-cracks could enlighten me on how and why someone would fake a card, and slip it into a booster pack one set too early…i’m so looking forward to your smart speculations on this! besides all of it i’m sure there’s one guy from wizards who is having a great time reading all of our non-sense speculation about his prank. has anyone ever thought of the fact that they might be printing cards to look at how the image works and the colour/brightness settings etc.?? or you think it just goes click print 1million times…oops it looks shit! and maybe they leave out the copyright part with these test printings to make them unsellable even if some joker runs of with a handful and starts sticking them in random boosters?

  • Greendecker

    I personally think this is either a WotC joke (to see people getting a RTR card in a M13 booster) or a spoiler technique (the spoil cards that show the new guild mechanics which will in turn cause a lot of talk about it). Either way I think it’s pretty cool. I wonder if another card will turn up in the M13 boosters…Would be really cool to see that happen

  • Cschuler49

    This card will probably go for $20 or more on Ebay right now. Get rid of it now and reap the rewards.

  • Mokel22

    its fake because of the of the set number.   19/274 is there really only 16 other cards in white starting with letters before ‘R’? In the original Ravnica there were around 28 before it came to ‘S’ (there was no ‘r’ in the original).  I know this would be mainly multicolored cards, but that looks ridiculous to me

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    Fake and gay…

  • Josh Kaufman

    Edit: Slight issue. This is card #19? In a 240+ or so card set, a card in alphabetical order starting with ‘R’ would not be that close to the beginning of white. It would be more in the 40’s-ish area.

    Why don’t we just email the artist Mark Zug and see what he has to say. Although I have heard from a top judge in NY that this is a fake, although the mechanic seems broken. Worst case scenario? Copy a Vampire token during combat, make your vampires indestructible, flip Bloodline Keeper, crack back for the game. 

    If this is real…. Expect a banning of Lingering Souls and Intangible Virtue just like they did in ISD Block Constructed because either GWB Tokens or BW Tokens, or Esper tokens will be the next CawBlade. 90% of players all playing the same INEXPENSIVE deck and no Ratchet Bombs.

    I guess buy your Sorins Now. Sorin, Lord of the Dance and Geist of Saint Traft will be fighting Bonfire for the #1 spot on the price rankings for STD.

  • The Real Kalitas

    what if this is a card that they are trying to make for return to ravnica, but they were not sure about so they let it “slip out” to let the community talk about it in order to decide to print it or not?

    • Erenberger Bruce

       I just got some swag a letter explaining how it happened from WOTC they have admitted to it being real and it was “accidentally slipped into an M13 pack during production”

      • Erenberger Bruce

         Posted some pictures that are pending approval from the mods.

        • Rhoban1227

          Color comes first when they give the numbers, otherwise Builder’s Blessing would have come after Abundant Growth in Avacyn Restored.

  • Erenberger Bruce

    just got it back from WOTC enjoy the humble pie, nay sayers!

  • Erenberger Bruce

    more swag for sending in the card, as well as 2 spots on the VIP list for PAX in Seattle sep. 1st

  • Guest

    Even if this card isn’t gonna be in return to ravnica (which it probably will be in it) populate is real!

  • RaistlinMajere

    Reading back over all the comments from people absolutely sure it was fake is hilarious, especially since it’s been proven real.

  • dragonlord

    This can in fact happen. It just happened to me the other day. I bought a box of fate reforged boosters and pulled Windswept heath and flooded strand which are Khan of tarkir cards from the fate reforged boosters.

    • Alex2480

      2 years late, but that is suppose to happen.