Simic Charm – True or Fake?

December 18th, 2012

Simic Charm - Gatecrash

  • Guest123

    i would say its true, all effects seem reasonable, the card seems balanced, the artwork is really good etc.

  • Andy Evoo

    Just a “3/3 creature”, doesn’t specify color ? or type ? I vote fake.

    • Szajba

      I wanted to write the same thing, it’s certainly fake.

    • J_jordan1182

      theyve done similar before, but not recently.  it’s possible it’s a fake, but everything fits.  the best way to find out is to look at the artist, find other work by him, and compare the pictures.  if the styles match, then this could be real.

      • By “before” you mean way back in the day when they didn’t?

      • Tomu

        The only problem is they released all the guild charm art for each guild back in Return. So some (not so) clever individual could have easily just cropped it and threw it on a fake card.

        • Guest

          Also, Zoltan Boros did all of the art for the first cycle of charms.  All someone had to do was take the art that we already knoew about, slap on the name of the guy who made the previous charms, and make something up.

    • Kitty Lynn 1993

       its because its a land creature it doesn’t need to say what it is.

    • Ben Meszaros

      I’d tend to agree. 

    • MTGfan#80m

      colors are the land colors and the type is a land creature. but it is fake ;)

      • Tommyhillpicker

        Well, no. Lands are not colored permanents. They just produce mana of that color. So a forest produces green mana but it is not a green permanent. It would say in the rules text of the card: 3/3 “colorless” creature if this were real.

        • Reds

          What you’re saying makes sense when putting a token into play, but here the land is already colorless, so no need to specify. Look up the wording on Mutavault, Natural affinity. Rude Awakening, Nature’s revolt, etc etc.

    • Shas_la_Zed_Killer

       you do realize that by virtue of being a land it is colorless, and land is a perfectly functional supertype?

  • Waven

    3/3 no color, no type? the normal syntax should be 3/3 blue and green Subtype creature. It’s still a land. There should be a dot between the rest and It’s still a land.

    Totally fake

    • J_jordan1182

      they’ve done it before, and recently.

  • i say true because the land will make the color of the creature

    • J_jordan1182

      Land is colorless.

  • rynot916

    effects seem resonable, although the fact that the creature type and color is not specified makes it a little shifty

  • Jakpine

    Fake, it would be more likely to be shroud PLUS the rarity symbol looks gold and none of the charms were gold. 

    • J_jordan1182

      i think wizards stopped using shroud and replaced it with hexproof

    •  I downloaded and zoomed in on the pic.  It’s certainly silver.


    Animate Land”Until end of turn, target land becomes a 3/3 creature that’s still a land.”

  • J_jordan1182

     it’s possible it’s a fake, but everything fits.  the best way to find out is to look at the artist, find other work by him, and compare the pictures.  if the styles match, then this could be real.

  • AgentPaper

    If it’s a fake, it’s a very very well made one, to the point that it’s impossible to say that it’s not a fake.

    Yes, there’s no color for the land creature, but that’s not actually needed, and would make the card even more wordy, which means it makes sense.

    I’m also starting to wrap my head around why making essentially a 3/3 haste for one turn is good. Use it to nug them for 3, or ambush an attacker for 3. Makes it into a semi-removal spell, perhaps this “summon bigger fish for 1 turn” effect is going to join fight as one of green’s removal mechanics? It surely sounds interesting.

    •  Summon Bigger Fish. Ah, Darths and Droids, there’s always a bigger one.

  • Dylan4550

    it was deemed fake awhile ago due to the art was available to everyone and the collector number doesn’t fit. 20 basics, 5 shocks, and at least 5 artifacts (key runes) means that this should at least be number 219 or below

    • Guest

       There are no basics in gatecrash.

  • Andy

    Fake, Simic is Blue/Black, am I the only one who sees this? 

    • J_jordan1182

      Bad troll is bad.

    •  Nope, Simic is Blue Green.  Dimir is Blue Black.

    • N/A

      that would be dimir

    • You’re a retard, Simic is Blue Green, once again, you’re a retard

  • Albirich

    fonts wrong

  • I really want this to be real. I love Simic and this would be an awesome addition to my Bant deck. The art matches up with other works from Zoltan, and thats the hardest thing to fake, the ART. Its easy to proxy up something, but do you really think they would go through the trouble to commission an artist or create this themselves just for shits and gigs? maybe, but the only thing throwing me off which i did not notice before was the lack of creature color or type AT ALL. #pleaseBeReal #pleaseBeReal

    • Kalitas

      They spoiled the charm art already, he could have gotten it from there

  • Maxevans2000

    thats insane it cant be true

  • chinface

    It looks very well done, they probly shopped the symbol on, but Andy Evoo is right, it is weird that they don’t specify what kind of 3/3 creature it becomes. Iss probly fake.

  • chinface

    Keep in mind, tho, WotC changes the wording template a lot. Just like how there wasn’t a Human subtype until Mirrodin, or like how “removed from the game” became “exiled,” Animate Land would very likely be modified if it were reprinted so as to specify color (probly “colorless”), and type, or if they didn’t, they would have to specify “(This creature is colorless and has no creature types)” to clarify.

    I will say, tho, that Animate Land was very likely the inspiration for this.

    • Guest

      Life / Death, recently reprinted in Izzet vs Golgari, turns all lands into 1/1 ‘s without clarifying color, creature type, or a lack thereof.  
      I am not fully convinced the charm is real.

      • chinface

        point taken

    • Urknizog

      Doesn’t matter text-wise, the Oracle text is the most up to date on wording, and the oracle text agrees with the card text.

  • Jcollins23

    The art is defenitely fake, the leaked art for this charm is on this web site. Aside from that I don’t know

    • Ahogan4367

      This is the art for Simic Charm. The picture that says “Simic Charm” on here is obviously a mistake because it has Gruul Symbols on it and this is the picture that was posted in the thread below it.

  • Ri_mani24

    so fake

  • vincent

    FAKE, just DL the fanpack of simic…

  • Highlander

    1) charms are uncommon (silver) this is shown as a rare (gold)
    2) the land creature needs a creature type and color

    • Shadow921

      it is silver

  • Asdf

    this version is cool, but i think its fake

  • This could in fact be what the actual card turns out like, Certainly the Hexproof fits for the shared ability of Green and Blue. But the card itself is likely fake. It’s possible even that this is a spoiler but in that case the spoiler knew of the cards effects and photoshoped the card itself. The Charms artwork has already been released so this is likely what the card will -look- like. But yeah, not real in the strictest terms.

  • Verbonianz_consultant


  • MTGfan#80m

    fake. it should be ” target land becomes a 33 creatue until ens of turn. it’s still a land.” and charms have flavor texts.

    • Charms don’t have flavor text. At least Izzet and Selesnya. What charms have flavor text? You’re right about the text for the first ability though.

  • Gmax

     possible but I don’t know. 

  • Fernan

    i think it’s fake. No one hability is great

  • Accsavious

    The other artist isn’t on record, looks like this ones true

  • Jstplnzac


  • Titus Emery

    It’s missing 1™&©993-2013 wizards of the coast LLC. It wouldn’t just be 2013

    • Subtle_Kay

      They don’t do the 1993-(that year) any more, since RtR.

  • CORR

    Creeping Tar Pit is a U/B creature, Wind Zendikon turns a land into a U Elemental; so all these arguments about how man-lands are colourless are idiotic. The card’s fake, although the creator did obviously have a good grasp of what U/G is.

  • Jimbo

    FAKE, look the margin of the text at the lef, it’s not the same as the right.

    • Ringo

      All magic cards are like that

  • Azureflamekite

    I think this card might be real. The artist checks out, the effects are very U/G. It fits the charm cycle of having a colored effect for each color then having an overlapping effect. The first effect being green, second being blue, and the last one being both.

  • 8bitmiso

    Fake. Simic deals with +1/1 counters… Why would the charm have an effect that is synergy to Gruul? (Gruul is mostly land based?)

    • Pulling a creature out of the water? Seems Simic to me.

    • Tommyhillpicker

      Why does the charm have to deal with +1/+1 counters? Almost all of the charms in Return to Ravnica had nothing directly to do with their guild’s keyword.

  • Uargaroth

    Doesn’t have anything to do with evolve. I say fake.

  • Kkhh

    I can’t tell if that’s a rare or uncommon, if that’s a rare then it’s fake

  • D. Hopus

    I do not know about this card, it looks like it should be real, but I still think that the land should have a color or creature type. The card Corrupted Zendikon from World Wake states that the creature is a 3/3/ black Ooze creature. It does not seem like wizards would change it up.

  • Redmage500

    I’m pretty sure this is real. For the people who aren’t sure about the land color or type, it actually makes a lot of sense that they would leave it colorless, like the original animate land. Flavor-wise, would you animate a swamp into a blue or a green creature? Cost-wise, the effects are appropriate, as the charms have effects that would normally have 1 or 2 CMC. Finally, the charm follows Wizard’s stated “1 effect from each color, and 1 effect the colors share” (Animate is green, disperse is blue, and gain hexproof is shared) The text looks somewhat funky, but that could be computer picture issues either from the site or uploader (All the spoilers on this site have weird looking fonts to me).

  • River Willie

    Getting a 3/3 has synergy with evolve since most creatures with evolve have a power less than 3. However I forget if that land becoming a creature does not count as a creature entering the battlefield. All in all it seems to be a very green blue card. I think it’s real.

  • Vanc

    Umm… At first glance, it seems perfectly legit. It follows the charm pattern of 1 ability of each color and then a third ability of a mix of the two colors (in this case, hexproof, which appears on both green and blue cards). It’s also not unusual to see animated lands without a specified color or type. 

    But… If this is the real Simic Charm, I’m slightly disapointed, because the picture is boring, and frankly seeing a guy with armor sticking a blade in a fish seems anything but Simic (they’re biomancers, not fishermen…) Could be a Simic symbol very well mapped on a picture of a warrior with a fish.

    And yeah, +1/+1 counters would have made more sense than an animated land for the green ability. If it’s the real thing, WotC did a poor job on the flavor side.

    Verdict: Probably true, but I hope it’s fake ;) 

    • Vanc

       Aaaaaarrrrg I change my vote to FAKE!
      Wtf it’s a fish head for the gods’s sake loll. Simic are no fishermen!!! 
      The flavor is all wrong. The rest is perfect though.

      • Flickerfan618

        it’s a fish shaped ornament, not an actual fish. which makes  sense since the simic have been taken over by merfolk

      • Jacob

        That’s a bad reason to say it’s fake. I think it is, but for other reasons. We already know that that IS the art for Simic Charm. They showed the art for all of them already. And no, they aren’t fisherman. What makes you think that guy is fishing though?

  • traridan

    The card is definitely a fake because the number for the card is 221/249 and that number  in the number range for the hybrid cards. So unless i a reading the number wrong, this card is without a doubt fake.

  • Benjamin McDonald

    That symbol looks like it wants to be gold instead of silver, and the charms are all obviously uncommon.  Also, I found a more clear picture and the collector number is 223 or 225 on the card, which makes it a fake because the gold cards end before 216 Burning-tree Emissary.

  • Rayenous

    To those who say this is ‘fake’ just because the creature that the land becomes is colorless, we can now look at “Skarrg Guildmage” from this same set… “Target land you control becomes a 4/4 Elemental creature until end of turn. It’s still a land.”

    I’m not saying it is real, but it certainly fits flavor wise, and arguments as to why it’s believed to be fake have little merit.

  • The Shockingly anonymous

    well, I think this has officially been proven to be fake.

  • Humanwerewolf56

    So close to the real one…

  • Fail Is My Middle Name

    Now confirmed as a fake.

  • ray area

    ok so i opened a gatecrash pack and got one of these…so it is real…what the hell is the ruling on it?