Tarmogoyf in Modern Masters

October 21st, 2012

Tarmogoyf Ravnica

  • Just plain powerful. Hell yeah.

  • O_O oh -beep-

  • Beto

    cost of Tarmogoyf going down in 3..2…1…

    • his price will fall like no tomorrow and he will be a shitty card to open in a futuresight box

      • Lonethief

        Modern masters is a booster set, not a collection like From the Vault. It will still be (somewhat) hard to pull, as it is still mythic rare. I think it will be somewhere around $20-30.

      • Now every card will be a shitty car to open in a future sight box…

  • Giacomo

    the funny thing is that i had to buy them to finish my treshold UGr….
    i spent 200 euros….

  • Thelastgoldenrabbit

    They are reprinting this it is a 100 dollar card!

    • mirri the lost

      yes. buts its also a modern staple for green, and it was in high need of a reprint, everyone really saw a reprint coming it wasnt a matter of IF it was a matter of WHEN.

  • Lorescale

    this site could be improved greatly by adding the source of spoilers, because: what set symbol is this?

  • Risher2007

    It’s from a new set revealed, contains just cards from modern. Sort of modern staple cards.

  • a little more info on the source or set would be nice .

  • Dragon1430

    its called modern masters
    there will be boosters with a small set of cards that are modern staples
    it will be released in June of 2013

  • Jonathan Yrigoyen

    It was just announced today, during the Pro Tour RtR Coverage, that there will be a new set coming out on June 7th 2013. This set is Modern Masters and will feature a slew of Modern staples that will help players get into the format. 
    $6.99 a pack
    The land is replaced by foils.

  • Lonethief

    This art makes him look enormous.

  • Ben Meszaros

    The fact that he is Mythic, that Modern Masters is a very limited booster run, and that this is different artwork from the original means that the old Tarmagoyf should still hold value really well. 

    I’m really pumped for this.


    How big can he even get?

    • Tommyhillpicker

      He can be an 8/9. 1-Artifacts, 2-Creatures, 3-Sorceries, 4- Land, 5- Enchantment, 6- planeswalker, 7- Instants, 8- Tribal 

  • Dsads

    i cast tarmogoyf!! 15/15

    Turn after FLING

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

  • Xero