The 2012 Holiday Gift Card

December 13th, 2012

This year’s holiday-themed card is Naughty/Nice. Holiday cards are made as a gift for employees and associates of Wizards of the Coast.

2012 Holiday Card

  • so how do us collector’s that have  supported the game since it started get one of these?

    • Nim

      They arent printed, just made for fun. 

      • Jubeisamurai

        They are printed and sent out, but only to certain persons(i.e. judges) who work for Wizards all the time. The cards themselves are treated like being from the Un- sets and are only usable in Cube or casual play. But you can probably trade for them from any recipient who doesn’t want them.

    • DwarfWoot

       Yeah, I traded a friend/Shop owner for one (Fruitcake Elemental) that he got for being an ‘associate of Wizards’.
      They are pretty amusing to keep in the Front of your binders cause so many people don’t know about them, and those who do are pretty jelly lol.

  • Maxevans2000

    thats awesome

  • BirthOfTragedy7

    Use this with Tamiyo’s emblem and Omniscience and you get your opponents whole deck (or they get your whole deck lol).

  • Christopherb17

    This is a funny card happy holidays 

  • Nice can be good in two headed giant, say if your ally was getting mana screwed. Alternatively you could just fill up an opponents hand with useless spells that he or she cannot cast.

  • Evilbrother101

    can you play the holiday cards in any formats?

    • Xero

       Just the opposite.  They’re illegal in all formats.

  • I think you could use this in cube and eternal. but a fun card to have.