Theros Boosters, Event Deck, Fat Pack and Intro Packs Packaging

August 27th, 2013

Theros Booster 5

Theros Booster 4

Theros Booster 1

Theros Booster 2

Theros Booster 3

Theros Booster Box

Theros Fat Pack

Theros Event Deck

Theros Intro Pack White

Theros Intro Pack Blue

Theros Intro Pack Black

Theros Intro Pack Red

Theros Intro Pack Green

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  • Andy Dondes


  • maverick

    how could they already have an event deck with theros cards in it?

    • David Fitzsimmons

      its the cover spoiler, it won’t be released until around Game Day, not release date.

    • Timmy Gamble

      noob…. :-)

  • Josh Kaufman

    Wow, not only do these cards look terrible, but the abilities are garbage. I wasn’t expecting much from this set, and I lowered my expectations as much as possible, but I may need to lower them a lot more. I just want to know why I would rather give a creature 4/4 flying and first strike instead of casting a 4/4 flyer with first strike? Go go gadget Hexproof!

    Kamigawa 2.0, here we come.

    • Timmy Gamble

      by far multiple steps ahead of Kamigawa. first you base the entire set off of like five terrible cards.. all of the intro packs i have ever gotten were terrible except back when kamigawa was out and there was a jitte in it. so when comparing i would wait till we see everything that way we could be dissapointed the way wizards ment for us to be.

    • Zipy

      Seems like you completely overlook that when creature enchanted by Celestial Archon dies (exiles, returns to hand, whatever), the enchantment turns into crature (no 2 for 1 anymore) very much like the Griffin Guide does. Very cool mechanic indeed, this one is overpriced for sure, but I can’t wait to see some bestows meant for constructed.

    • Emisch Hates U

      Uril edh, anyone?

    • blahdyblahblah

      or maybe they are just random cards from other sets…?

      • blahdyblahblah

        oh wait, they have the new mechanics :'(

    • max evans

      also this set has playable cards outside of limited that arent name jitte or top

    • MtgMind-Welder98


      Considering that the people that worked on this were also some that worked with Innistrad,which in magic is debatably the GREATEST SET OF ALL TIME, should have give you a thought on new mechanics and different ways of playing magic in general.

      I am new to magic and this will be the first set I will open that has 3 planeswalkers total, good creature combos involved, and new mechanics.

      You should be thankful, they could have dumped this project and would have done something horrible, like Return to Darksteel

      • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

        Uh, Darksteel is a set from the original Mirrodin block. the set right before Innistrad was Scars of Mirrodin. :P

        • MtgMind-Welder98

          I know I was just trying to make a point.

          What would have you wanted me to say…

          • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

            How about, Return to Homelands. haha That would be some grade A power disparity right there.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            That would be interesting :/

          • AAMetarton

            How about return of the ice age? All the wonderful snow covered lands

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            Mother of god…

    • Andrew

      you’d rather give a creature +4/+4 flying and first strike because with bestow if some how the enchanted creature were destroyed then your enchantment becomes a 4/4 creature with first strike and flying. plus anything you bestow it upon is gonna be better than a 4/4 with flying and first strike so why would you want a 4/4 flying, first strike. Having said that though, all of the bestow and monstrosity costs I have seen, seem to be extremely expensive to cast. With the understanding that they are building towards fewer multicolor decks, I guess we’ll see how much the meta actually slows down when this set is released, maybe things will balance out

  • theroswtf mayneeee?

    yah not much of theros is really jumpin out at me either ill probably just get acouple decks maybe the event deck just that cause usually there really awesome hopefully im right lol and possibly a fatpack? but maybe not even that ill probably just do the first month of drafts for this set and be done lol

  • Ludicolo

    Still waiting for a blue hero with
    “Heroic– Whenever you cast a spell that targets ~, you may copy that spell for each other creature with heroic you control that spell could target. Each copy must target a different creature with heroic you control.”

    That’d be pretty cool.

    • Pethrax

      Too broken. Not gonna happen.

      • Ithinkitsoundscool

        except precursor golem already did happen…

        • Pethrax

          In a way, but with heroic each instance of heroic would do an individual effect, instead of just copying the original spell. For example, if you had triton hunter, that’s a free draw per, wavecrash triton, sleeping for free, or if we start talking about other heroics, we start talking about free +1/+1 counters all over the place. Not even a mythic rarity and an insane cmc would be able to balance that out.

  • nathan

    r/u Event deck?

    • harakka

      On top of the box you can see it’s WU.

  • Levi Warren

    I would love to bounce that overlord.

    • AQ

      still wont work

      • G6R6I6M

        why not???

  • Josh Hickman

    w/u event deck ??