Theros Promo Cards

September 3rd, 2013

Prerelease Promos

Theros Prerelease Promo - Anthousa, Setessan Hero

Theros Prerelease Promo - Ember Swallower

Theros Prerelease Promo - Abhorrent Overlord

Prerelease Promo - Shipbreaker Kraken

Prerelease Promo - Celestial Archon

Release Promo

Theros Release Promo - Bident of Thassa

Game Day

Participation Promo:

Theros Game Day Promo - Phalanx Leader

Prize Promo:

Theros Game Day Promo - Nighthowler

Buy a Box Promo

Sylvan Caryatid - Theros Buy-a-Box Spoiler

  • Josh Kaufman

    it figures the Buy a Box promo is the only card in the set so far I really like. It’s Wall of Roots on speed.

    • zodairk

      its really just a buffed utopia tree if you want a better comparison

      • Zombie

        Which actually makes it fantastic, imho.

  • CodyGozRawr

    How would you go about getting the release promo (bident of thassa)? I’m a little bit of newb about that kind of thing.

    • Finrod

      Just play the FNM of Theros.

    • Zombie

      If your local game store isn’t run by cheapskates, you should get one for placing decently high at your FNM the day Theros drops.

  • petrichorus

    the prize promo is my favourite and I am nowhere near good enough to win it *sigh*

  • rynot916

    will these promo cards be able to be used similarly to the return to ravnica and gatecrash ones?

  • MTGTimmy

    Notice that the ability on Bident of Thassa costs one more generic mana than the promo. ._.

    • CodyGozRawr

      My mind just went boom

      • MTGTimmy

        Yah… I’m still scraping bits and pieces of my brain off the ceiling.

        • CodyGozRawr


    • LightandFire676

      HO. LEE. @#$%. 0_0

  • LightandFire676

    Aww. You can make it!!