Theros Teaser #1

August 26th, 2013

Nyx - Theros Art

Here are some things you can expect from Theros:

A 3/3 with three abilities that uses fate counters
Multiple cards with the word “nongorgon”
A high-profile cycle of legendary permanents that are not creatures or lands
A rare card with five words of rules text in which one of the words is “planeswalker”
An artifact creature that appears to be a big horse made out of wood
A 5/5 giant snake that can be cast for Green ManaGreen Mana
A multicolor Minotaur lord
A card that could have been in Modern Masters
A giant that brings fire to humans
A creature with a saboteur ability (it has an effect if the creature deals combat damage to an opponent) which is one of the Power Nine

Here are a few names of cards you will see:

Anger of the Gods
Chained to the Rocks
Lost in a Labyrinth
Rescue from the Underworld
Underworld Cereberus
Witch’s Eye

Finally, here are some of the creatures you’re going to see (note that not all of these are creature types and is only a partial list):

Hundred-Handed One
Nymph (Alseid, Dryad, Lampad, Naiad, and Oread)

  • Clandestino

    I think i can call this HYPE.

  • Reap7985

    GORGONS COME AT ME!!!!!!! :D <3

  • Voxelkid


  • Joshua McTiernan

    Power Nine? Sounds very promising

    • David Meyers

      Keep in mind most of the power 9’s abilities aren’t that great – it’s their cost that made them powerful. 6 of them only produce mana, which isn’t always useful during a combat step.
      Now if the effect is draw 3 cards, take a turn, or the timetwister effect, expect to have to do combat damage to a player with a taunting elf. :P

      • David Fitzsimmons

        Usually when something grants mana during combat phases, it is usable until end of turn instead of end of phase.
        See Mark of Sakiko and Sakiko, Mother of Summer for examples. However considering thy grant mana equal to amount of damage done… Even the three mana from black lotus is slightly underwhelming. Still strong considering its a stable 3 and any color.

        Personally i see it being one of the non mana related power nine.

  • xcver

    well about that power 9 thing. Black Lotus+Moxen abilities are not really that exciting when you get it in combat. If you get it next main phase that would be good though. It will certainly not be draw 3 or take another turn. So either Timetwister ability or get mana…

    • Olof

      Why is that certain? drawing cards or taking extra turns are not that uncommon in recent sets.

      • xcver

        well if more costs are associated with it then of course it would be something different. But for example a creature that will grant you an extra turn when it hits, even if that ability costs 4-5 mana is something no one wants, i.e. ppl will try to set up a board position where the creature can connect and from thereon has infinite turns. I am pretty sure that is something wizards does not want. Also drawing 3 without a steep costs such as saccing the creature etc. could be too good already. If they cost it absurdly than the comparison to the power 9 is really really lame.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          I did some looking in the Gatherer, there is actually already in existence a Saboteur ability that Time Walks.
          Wanderwine Prophets, needs a merfolk to be sacced before using the timewalk first.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      well it might be a very high cost card that almost is not worth paying all that for an ability that may just result in it being targeted and almost never get to pull off without applying unblockable effects. It might also be a case of it requires you to pay mana to activate the ability like, “3U: until end of turn when this creature deals combat damage to a player….” or even “When this creature deals combat damage to a player you may pay 3U. If you do….”
      The later is based on the ability that the legendary dragon cycle that ‘Oros, The Avenger’ is a part of has. The former I could only find one card with an ability kinda like that which is ‘Simic Basilisk’ except it grants a target creature the Sabuteur ability till end of turn.

      Also if it DOES use the timewalk ability, it will be like the last time they ‘reprinted’ timewalk which was on Temporal Mastery. Heck it even had the same mana cost if the miracle effect went off, however it also got exiled when used to make it less abused. This could be the same thing for this card in that you must exile it when it does combat damage as a cost to do the extra turn

      There are plenty of ways to make those abilities feasible with a high cost or be more situational then we realize.

      Oh and I just remembered, there were a couple cards in Kamigawa that had mana pumping saboteur abilities. One of them was a Snakefolk I beleive whose mana did not fade due to phases and steps until the end of turn. That could be possible but considering that card gave mana equal to the damage dealt…. even the Black Lotus’s 3 mana kinda pales in comparison.

  • Brandon Sauer

    Timetwister, Ancestral Recall, and Time Walk would be insane on a creature. Its probably one of the Moxen. Depending on rarity, Black Lotus.

    This list is incredibly exciting though,

    • smecky

      Timetwister if it is red, Recall if it is blue. Maybe lotus if it is green?

      • Brandon Sauer

        How is Timetwister red?

    • David Fitzsimmons

      We have seen a Time Walk Saboteur already, Wanderwine Prophets

      • Brandon Sauer

        Wanderwine had so many things neutering its ability it was almost unrecognizable. I can’t really count it, despite it *technically* being there. This may be the same thing, with “power nine” being mentioned to fuel hype, but I hope its a more straight-forward ability.

  • dak

    As long as the harpies in this set don’t look like the ones in GoW, I’ll be totally going with tribal harpies XD

  • Mike Thomas

    “Gain Control of target Planeswalker”?

    • smecky

      Double loyalty of target Planeswalker?

      • triven

        clone targeting planeswalkers?

        • SCG

          If it is Evan Erwin wins the pie bet

          • LightandFire676

            Come on now, we all know Evan Erwin doesn’t win pie bets. ;)

    • Shadow921

      that is exactly what i think. i really hope that it is



  • DeAnthony Grenesko

    Because I’m really intelligent, I’m gonna guess there is a trojan horse artifact creature in this set. I don’t know what would lead me to think that, but again, I’m a genius.

  • Lerg

    so, could the card that could have been in modern masters be thought seize?

    • smecky

      Here’s to hoping.

    • Brandon Sauer

      If we can’t have Mana Leak in Standard, I seriously doubt we’ll have Thoughtseize.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Um so there is a ‘rare planeswalker’, tibalt 2.0, legendary enchantments, and thoughtseize? That’s all I’m getting from this. The whole “saboteur” that elude to the power 9 thing makes no sense, but I would guess it’s an extra turn ability.

    • Shadow921

      not a rare planeswalker, the rare has planeswalker in the rules text not the type

    • David Fitzsimmons

      Not sure where you are getting the Tibalt 2.0 could you explain? Might you be referring to the first thing on the list? that is a 3/3, Planeswalkers don’t get power and toughness (unless gideon:P)

      The rare planeswalker I also don’t see unless you are referring to the rare card with “planeswalker’ in the text. It says, ‘five words of rules text’, there is NO WAY that can be an actual planeswalker. Chances are it’s something like “Destroy target Creature or Planeswalker”. Five words of rules text that includes Planeswalker in the text.
      The high profile cycle of permaments most likely is reference to the recently leaked Legendary Echantment Artifact that we have seen.
      There have been plenty of rumors about thoughtseize being absent from modern masters, oh so many and I am hoping this is the reason why it was :P

  • Matt Abraham


  • Yago Tomaszewski

    “destroy target creature or god”? =P

  • Richard Laurie

    This pleases me.

  • Tristin Wolf Jones-Green

    The “planeswalker rule” doesn’t apply.

  • Bob Holcomb

    I do not look for any reprinting of the Power 9. It would destroy the value for thoseof us whohavespent the time and money to collect them in the first place.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      Reread what was said, no reprinting, just one of the abilities being part of saboteur. This is not the first time we seen Power Nine abilities reprinted, heck Temproal Mastery from Avacyn Restored was pretty much a reprint of Time Walk if you used it as a miracle. Only exception was the exiling it when used. It’s value was orginially very high because everyone was excited for what was essentially pretty close to a functional reprint of time walk but then dropped in value drastically once people actually used it.

      That proves that the abilities of power nine can be reprinted and be set with the right conditions/costs to make it so that their value is unaffected.

      Personally I do not think a new art, foil limited run reprint in something like FtV will ever noticeably affect original power nine prices. Maybe for the first few months, but Power Nine imo got WAY too much of a collector’s value now to be threatened by reprints. I mean it’s like if they reprinted the original Babe Ruth baseball cards, what is that gonna do to the value? next to nothing. Power Nine just currently have FAR more of a collector value rather then a play value. If it was solely a play value then in theory the prices would be decreasing as less and less people are playing the old eternal formats and are switching to modern.

      But I will admit that I respect WotC’s decision to adamantly uphold a promise they made ages ago that they regret and would prefer to change. Heck they have complete ability to say they take it back or something, but they won’t so props to that integrity.

    • Ste

      The power 9 cant be reprinted.

  • Ivan Escalante

    I can bet the Hundred-Handed One (Hecatonchires) will be a black creature.

  • Loiden Mc Leroy

    if it deals damage to your opponent, draw three cards?

  • ken

    Two mana for a 5/5 oh yah

    • Richard

      Remember Coalition Wurm? yeah… don’t get too excited

      • David Fitzsimmons

        Can’t say I remember a Coalition Wurm, neither does Gatherer. Unless it is some card that never got printed it does not exist.

        Do you mean Tempting Wurm? It is the only 2 cost 5/5 wurm I could find.

        However I personally see this possibly being like Myr Superion and perhaps requires only creature mana to be cast

        • Hand of the Praetors

          Do you mean Tempting Wurm?


    the 5/5 giant snake will be like canada (Loading Ready Run Reference)

  • brady

    Thought seize?

    • Richard

      Probably Daybreak Coronet, lightning bolt (but not really), or goblin guide.

      • Doofy

        Thoughtseize is the desired conclusion, due to price. Daybreak Coronet is the logical conclusion given the set’s theme. Goblin Guide and Bolt make no sense, since they weren’t in Modern Masters eligible sets.

  • Xero

    Modern Masters card: Glimpse the Unthinkable. Calling it now.

    • witchdoctorw

      Nope it was Thought Sieze

  • guest

    power nine? i love reading most of the comments about the draw three cards for recall but no one mentions the OR force opponent to discard three lol. probably another time walk ability. possibly a new emrakul :D?

    • David Herrera

      Ancestral Recall says, “Target player draws three cards.” There’s nothing about discarding. My guess is Timetwister. Just seems like the most fun out of the power 9.

  • Zip

    It has to be Dreadbore reprint: “Destroy target creature or planeswalker.”

  • Andy Dondes

    Haven’t seen a chimera yet ;(