Theros Tokens

September 10th, 2013

Bird - Theros Token

Boar - Theros Token

Cleric - Theros Token

Elemental - Theros Token

Golem - Theros Token

Harpy - Theros Token

Satyr - Theros Token

Soldier 3 - Theros Token

Soldier 2 - Theros Token

Soldier - Theros Token

Elspeth, Sun's Champion Emblem - Theros Token

  • Martin Kaca

    Man I love me some tokens. And boy did they make some new ones for me to collect!!!

  • harakka

    The enchantment tokens are sooooo cool.

  • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

    I like how Akroan Horse has its own special soldier token. Pretty sweet.

    • bigbetz99

      I didn’t know how they can make a card THAT bad. But if your looking for a REAL card, look at Hundred-Handed one.

      • MordecaiAliVanAllanOShea

        instead of an extra soldier token they should have made tokens for hundred handed one. I know he doesn’t create any, but it would have been funny when you drop 99 hand tokens into play as blockers.

  • Andy

    Why is there 2 white soldier tokens?

    • guest

      The bottom one is for the Akroan horse. Its a dude climbing out from the bottom

  • gambit8

    Shouldn’t the Satyr has haste?

    • Ben Ehren

      i know right

      • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

        Wizards doesn’t seem to print haste on tokens anymore, probably some minor change in token creation phrasing. Assemble the Legion tokens don’t have haste, the red Akroan Crusader soldier doesn’t have haste and neither does the Satyr. Not sure why they removed it as, while I like full art, I like the complete package of art and ability laid out in full.

        • toby

          but why do they print flying on the bird/harpy token?
          I like the full art to. just the harpy should be more visable.

          • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

            I think it is because haste only matters as soon as the creature is played. Its something you won’t be able to forget because, in order for it to matter, the thing that made them will have just been used, which will tell everyone about the haste.

        • bigbetz99

          People may have complained because some knight that doesn’t have vigilance might say that it does have haste according to the token. And not like it’s a big deal, but people may get aggravated when something like that happens.

  • da

    I don’t like the Golem Token, it reminds me too much of Michael Cera.

  • Z

    why do they make creatures with 0 toughness?

    • who

      The card that makes them gives them all +1/+1. The point is that when that creature dies, all the tokens it made will die with it.

    • Chrisisgolgari127

      Hydras have 0 toughness also if a creature would be a 0/0 with 1/1 counters it would die.

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    I just made a Satyr deck, and it generates the tokens. I’m not asking about “haste” being printed on the card. Don’t care. My question is, do the Satyr tokens have haste?
    Here’s why I’m asking. I play “Revel of the Fallen God”, then “Second Harvest”. Do the tokens generated by “Second Harvest” have haste?