Theros Ultra PRO Sleeves, Deck Boxes and Playmats

September 9th, 2013

Theros sleeves

Theros deck box

Theros play mats

  • Zegnam

    I don’t know about you guys, but actually all of these items look appealing to me, i may actually buy something new other than the cards for once.

    • Ben Ehren

      its the art style man, its awesome.

  • Martin Kaca

    I wouldn’t mind a new playmat as mine are getting a bit worn. But I am not too fond of the new style of deck boxes.

    • Agreed the new deck boxes just tear to easily. . .

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        Maybe for me; definitely the Ashiok sleeves though :D

        • The mat’s are awesome. . .but for now I’ll stick to my custom made spice and wolf Holo play mat ^_^

    • MtgMind-Welder98

      Agreed I am going to get a Purphoros playmat :D

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    The trade binder looks sweet!

  • Ben Ehren

    red god is best looking god (note: opinion) so i might grab his mat, and maybe one more but cant choose between white and green.

  • JasonPF

    Might get me some Elspeth sleeves for mono white beats, only problem is the quality of sleeves lately wear out to fast so they need to be oversleeved to protect the image

  • Bento

    The mats are just… wow. :D

    • MtgMind-Welder98

      I know right it brings a tear to my eye :’-D

  • Stan

    Wish they had stuck to a little more Greek and a little less stylized magic

    • Stan

      for the gods that is