UltraPRO playmats featuring five new Gods from the Born of the Gods Set

January 12th, 2014

Born of the Gods - God 5

Born of the Gods - God 4

Born of the Gods - God 3

Born of the Gods - God 2

Born of the Gods - God 1

  • MTGTimmy

    Loving the artwork for all of them, this is going to be a great set.

  • harakka

    Looks no Pharika here, we seem to have gods for Selesnya, Gruul, Rakdos, Orzhov and Azorius.

    • Nordic

      Honestly, I would believe that is the dimir god, not orzhov

      • harakka

        I strongly disagree, but we’ll see that in few weeks.

        • JSaibot

          don’t think we will have three white and only one blue god, so it should be Phenax (U/B)

          • CrpHavok

            This 4th god on a playmat seems to be wearing a golden mask like the most of “Returned”. So, i guess, this is for sure a B/W god.

          • Maxmazzel

            I agree, it should be the U/B god.
            There is a pretty easy formula here W/G you then take the green for the next and make G/R then take the red for the next and so on to get R/B then B/U then U/W this makes sure every color is used twice.

          • harakka

            Having every color twice is the almost the only reason that would be WU and not WB. I don’t think it’s a must to have things like that balanced like that, they didn’t in the original ravnica block too. (yes I know they couldn’t but still.)

          • harakka

            I mean UB not WU.

          • BobTheTitan

            However, Phenax also controls some Returned, as seen by the Returned Phalanx

          • Falconfly

            All the more reason that it is Phenax; the Returned do not repeat the Orzhov asthetic, they are not associated with white mana.

  • Matt Stone

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! Artwork is incredible in this set.

    Sooo these are the allied colour gods from the looks of things.

    Xenagos and matey in the middle look a bit tasty.

    • Matt Stone

      I reckon: God of renewal, Xenagos (False idol?), God of war, God of dreams and God of knowledge?


      • Antares

        I was thinking:
        Karametra (G/W, Goddess of Harvest/Plenty)
        Xenagos (G/R, God of Revels (spoiled in the planeswalker guide)
        Mogis (R/B, God of Slaughter)
        Atheros (B/W, God of . . . Desolation? Yeah, I’m stumped here. Honestly, that imagery evokes B/W to me. It really doesn’t give anything that would indicate, to me, to be Phenax, the U/B God of Thieves). I am honestly surprised. I would have thought it was going to be Iroas. I’m interested to see who the Nyxborn centaur we saw in the artwork thing, as well as the Gorgon, are.
        Oh, and finally, Ephara (U/W, Goddess of Wisdom)

        • Matt Stone

          I hope Mogis is as badass as he looks :)

        • Simplx

          It might be Phenax because of the mask of gold, is identical to the “returned phalanx”.

        • Falconfly

          – Karametra is officially stated to be goddess of agriculture, hearth and orphans (the Planeswalker’s Guides are your friends). Athreos is the ferryman, like Charon.

          – It IS Phenax. Phenax is the god of lies and deceit, he subverts fate and is actually associated with the Returned in his debut story.

      • the dude (not really)

        i think your “god of dreams” is really more of a god of the dead (different from “death” as previous) and knowledge may be “magic” or “poetry”

        • Matt Stone

          Wisdom is a good shout I think.

  • nameless

    i’m sorry but this art, aside from the god of slaughter is just boring and has killed any interest i had in these gods

    • MagicGALAXY

      Don’t judge a book by it’s cover yet. The gods might have very good abilities so one can only hope right?

  • Nimbus

    I think that the top image according to Antares, “Karametra (G/W, Goddess of Harvest/plenty)”, might actually be a U/G, considering the imagery with the pots pouring out growth. I might be wrong, but it was just an observation.. Although, it does have a strong Selesnya clothing influence. Just a ridiculous thought here.. what if, Xenagos used black mana (for the tributes and sacrifices in the ritual) and has achieved the God type that way? sooooooooo B/R/G? XD Also upon “Roxaboxen90″‘s speculation on Youtube, Nicol Bolas might have something to do with His (Xenagos) ascension, considering his horn shape. Would be awesome to have Wedge Gods though >.>

    • BlackSun

      Unfortunately, that is the W/G Godess. The U/G god is called Kruphix and you can see his agents in the card Prophet of Kruphix and Agent of Horizons.

      • Nimbus

        Oh alright >< Good to know..

  • YouGotFranked

    Karametra, Mogis and Ephara looks awesome

    • CrpHavok

      Maybe Karametra needs to be more contrast. She looks kinda desaturated imo.

  • CorvusV

    I calculated to the best of my knowledge what the duo color gods would be. here they are
    Athreos W/B – Ephara W/U – Karametra W/G – Iroas W/R – Zenegos G/R – Kruphix G/U – Pharika G/B – Phenax U/B – Mogis B/R – And a U/R god we haven’t seen or have much knowledge of yet.

    • CorvusV

      I think the first one is Karametra, the second is Zenegos, the third is Mogis, the forth is ( form the artwork that I see) Athreos (he just seems W/B), the fifth is Ephara. The forth one maybe Phenax considering all the others seem to be friendly colors.

    • Zombub

      The U/R god is Keranos, named several times, most notably in the flavor text for Lightning Strike

      • BobTheTitan

        and in steam augury, which are his colors

        • CorvusV

          TY now to update my gods file XD

  • Zombub

    I thought at first that the 4th one was Phenax but the more I look at it the more convinced I am that it’s Athreos. Not only is he wearing a Returned mask, but Athreos is the ferryman of the 9 Rivers that Ring the World, between Theros and the Underworld, and there’s a river surrounded by wasteland depicted below him.

    • Falconfly

      All the more reason for it to be Phenax. Athreos sends the souls to the Underworld, it’s his job, and the Returned are a mockery of said job, while Blue/Black is all about subverting fate (being enemy to Green, the fatalist color).

      • Zombie

        The Returned are a mockery of life, not death. Their price for returning to the world of the living is losing their identity which is why they wear the masks.

        • Falconfly

          They’re a mokcery of the natural cycle that AThreos imposes. His sole job is to deliver souls to the underworld; they’re not supposed to get out.

  • BobTheTitan

    If we consider the playmats like a circle, then from the top to bottom: white green goes to green red, goes to red black, goes to black blue, goes to blue white, goes back to the top… not sure if it is a circle though

    • BobTheTitan

      that sort of plays in the favor of the 4th being Phenax…. but it does have a returned mask so I’m not sure

      • Ian Barber

        returned phalanx is black blue so idk if the mask really matters

        • BobTheTitan

          thats true, they just revealed its Phenax in the trailer

  • Toby

    i think there are 2 possibilities on which gods these are (whith the assumption that no color appears more than twice)
    1: karametra gw
    xenagos rg
    mogis br
    phenax ub
    ephara wu

    2: kruphis gu
    xenagos rg
    mogis br
    athreos wb
    ephara wu

    the first version is more likely in my opinion because these are all allied colors and would match the scrylands.

  • Chi Sarades

    r these the new demigod I’ve been hearing about

  • harakka

    I just wonder why Ephara is pouring that nyx-liquid into that building. :D

    • Hand of the Praetors

      Being goddess of wisdom or something similar she is probably pouring out her knowledge on the mortals inside.

  • MagicGALAXY

    I think it’s obvious on what these gods colors are going to be. I think there colors are:

    First: GW

    Second: RG

    Third: BR

    Forth: WB

    Last: UW

    • Zombie

      GW: Karametra (Karametra’s Acolyte)

      RG: Xenagos

      BR: Mogis (Fanatic of Mogis, Mogis’s Marauder)

      BW: Athreos (Scholar of Athreos)

      UW: Ephara (Ephrar’s Warden)

      Gods not pictured:

      RW: Iroas (Priest of Iroas)

      UG: Kruphix (Prophet of Kruphix)

      UR: Keranos (Flavor text of Steam Augury and Lightning Strike)

      BG: Pharika (Pharika’s Mender, Pharika’s Cure)

      UB: Phenax

      • MagicGALAXY

        Cool thanks! :D

      • BobTheTitan

        Phenax is shown, it was revealed in the trailer

    • Hand of the Praetors

      GW is Karametra
      RG is Xenagos
      BR is Mogis
      WB is Artheos (but that should be Phenax (UB) because all of the others are ally).
      WU is Ephara

      • MagicGALAXY

        Thanks! :)

      • Falconfly

        It’s Phenax, not Athreos.

        • Zombie

          It’s more likely to be Athreos, but Phenax is still a possibility. I’ll break it down:

          Just by reference of color, every god pictured here shows both of their colors clearly, except for the last two. But we know Ephara is UW, and with no white shown we can only infer that her gold is that suggestion of white.

          Now we move to the god above her, who doesn’t have any defined blue on him at all. He does, however, possess the same gold color secondary to the obviously primary black. If art style means anything at all, then that god is more likely Athreos, judging from this line of reasoning. There is also the classic artistic imagery of the circling birds, implying birds of carrion (death). Athreos is the one who ferries the dead across the Five Rivers to the Underworld, this being yet another connection to the god’s central theme.

          The other line of reasoning is that this God bears resemblance to The Returned. This along with his obvious influence in the Underworld/Afterlife (See: Sentry of the Underworld) means that Athreos would have a good chance of having this “Returned” appearance. The art on this mat also bears resemblance to Athreos’ sole reason for existing, ferrying the newly dead across the Five Rivers that Ring the World. The counter to this is that there are Returned with both Red (Tymaret) and Blue (Returned Phalanx). But, Phenax has had no spotlight on its lore. The only card that even mentions Phenax has no flavor text.

          We currently know absolutely nothing about Phenax. We don’t know its appearance, its lore, nothing. From what we know right now, it’s safer to assume this God is Athreos. There is a possibility is could be Phenax, but until we know more about Phenax or see Phenax’s card it’s pure guess- work with nothing to back it up.

          And yes I really did spend my time on this. I got bored while eating dinner.

          • sphinxy246

            it looks like mechanics wise they look all allied colored to me.

          • Patrick

            He does have an obvious resemblance to The Returned, who worship Phenax, not Athreos. That, and the fact that if it was Phenax then every colour would appear EXACTLY twice, leads me to be almost certain it is Phenax and not Athreos.

          • Falconfly

            Joke’s on you, it is Phenax.

    • xSiNxSHADOW

      i’m gona guess it’s gatecrash guild gods

    • Falconfly

      Actually, it’s UB, Phenax.

  • welan

    Hey are the colors for the gods confirm or it s still strong deduction?

    • harakka

      Not yet, but it seems at least four of them seem to be ally-colored. We can’t tell if the fourth one is Athreos or Phenax. It doesn’t look blue, except that it does have a river on the bottom, but it looks much more white with the moon, birds, gold and stuff.

      • harakka

        aaaa, ~6 hours and daily magic should reveal first official card spoilers.

  • jamesjacob

    I cant believe no one can see the obvious the most easy way to work out which god is which is by the lands they stand on mogis is on a grave/battlefield= r/b xenagos flaming wilds= r/g and PHENAX swamp/river=u/b

  • Liam Faro Smith

    Actually I think the bottom two are Atheros and Ephara. Atheros is the ferryman that guides souls to the underworld (that is why he is wearing a golden mask like many of the returned) he is also W/B not U/B. The bottom one I am not sure but she looks W/B so it’s Ephara.

    • Patrick

      The Returned worship Phenax, not Athreos. Logically, that would make the 4th one Phenax. Secondly, why would they include 3 White Gods but only 1 Blue God? If it is Phenax, then each colour appears exactly twice. I would stake my house on it being Phenax.

  • Chi Sarades

    i think I’m gonna get the xenagos mat

  • Falconfly

    Oh, what would you know, it IS Phenax! I guess the superficial resemblance to Orzhov and trying to find illogical justifications for them in a figure supposed to represent the worst of destinity did not work out very well, did it?

  • Necro

    Want… Mogis… Playmat…

  • CodyGozRawr

    What will the sleeves look like for this set? I really want some Kiora sleeves.

    • Ashley Mullins

      Her as sleeves would be brilliant

  • Chi Sarades

    wow i finally found the mat I’ve been searching for, the xenagos god mat