Unstable Tokens

November 21st, 2017

Unstable Token 10

Unstable Token 9

Unstable Token 8

Unstable Token 7

Unstable Token 7

Unstable Token 5

Unstable Token 4

Unstable Token 3

Unstable Token 2

Unstable Token 1

  • JD Farrell

    What makes those Carrie tokens?? Hope it’s a repeatable trigger…

  • Alex

    I need those Faerie Spies for my Edric deck so bad…

  • Nebulium

    I love that construct token, I need some of those for metallurgic summons.

    • Hedronal

      It looks like Howl’s Moving Castle if it were a steampunk windmill. I like it.

      • Nebulium

        Haha, exactly what I was thinking. I also love the idea of Tezzeret summoning windmills in a desperate attempt to get the people of Kaladesh back on his side.

        • Hedronal

          I feel like there’d be some sort of comic, cartoony backfire to that, like aether streams getting tangled in it or something, so Tezzy could be a toon villain.

  • Alex Garvin

    Looks like there is some Don Quixote action with that windmill in the Construct token, I love it!

    • Hedronal

      By the smoke trail, steampunk Don Quixote. I like this.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    Loving how the gold dragon card is literally gold color.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I like how some of these tokens would be legal to use in regulated formats, like the goblins or goats.

    • zelias

      they are legal. You can use anything you want as a token, this cards included

      • Shagoth

        He means that he likes that he could use some of them to be accurate tokens.

      • Zombie

        You can’t use anything you want outside of regular REL or casual games, though, to be fair.

        In anything above FNM you have to use the real token or an accepted token of the tournament (Think SCG’s token lines at an IQ or w/e)

        And the Unstable tokens would be usable in Comp REL, since the silver border holds no relevancy when it comes to tokens.

  • ‘sup-cakes

    What card makes the goat tokens??

    • Ben

      Cards from this set.

    • Albert Vogel

      Springjack pasture, trading post