• Koth’s deck….. so so bad……

  • No geosurge?

  • Scormio

    The real reason these former allies are fighting is because they’re both in love with Elpeth Tirel and the winner gets to take her on a date to Tezzeret’s Treasures, the classiest club in the furnace layer!

    • Jeru Roku

      Venser’s Dead. Hate to burst your bubble. This just is a representation over their fight upon coming back to mirrodin

      • Scormio

        If you even read my joke you’d realize I’m familiar with the lore…sigh

  • Griselbrand

    What Koth’s Deck Should Have Instead of the Garbage That’s in There:

    -Claws of the Valakut
    – Goblin Bushwacker
    – Gutshot
    – Shock
    -Assult Strobe
    Mostly, any red spell besides the crap in there.

  • Ninja

    Both decks are pretty god awe-full, Its like wizards have been hiring stupid Devs for their extra packs ever since after planechase 1 came out. Please stop pulling punches on the Vs, Event, And summer decks blizzard.

    Also, how does it make sense that cards that are not even out yet, be allowed inside of the -vault-?

  • Justsayintheobvious

    These lists are really disappointing.

  • bowser

    it needs lighting bolt in koth’s deck

  • Why are there only 1 or 2 of any card? Does anyone make decks like that? This is really disapointing.

  • It’s almost 60 card edh. Ridiculous…

  • Xero

    I’m not very impressed.

  • Confused

    Who approves of this garbage?

  • Pyromancer

    Nononononno, the ONLY reason they are fighting is because there’s only one piece of chocolate cake left. Koth brought Venser back to life just so that he had to burn off some calories before he ate his cake.

  • detsennreiw

    I find most of these coments more depresing then the decks themselves.

  • Juggy Brodelstein

    Wizards must have a mentally retarded dev team to not put any Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle’s in Koth’s deck

  • Confused

    The Vs Decks have been crap since phyrexia vs the coalition, and even those were lacking in potential.

  • Suicideangel

    new arts =crap decklist=crap if these r supossed to keep new players from falling in love with mtg then they will b a huge suck cess!lol

  • :D

    i only like the new art venser and thats it

  • Jscbgddy

    This deck is very weak at best. A few EDH cards and thats about it.

  • john

    i make better decks when im wasted

  • Someone who gets it

    Every user here obviously has no concept of “playing for fun.” These decks aren’t designed for tournament level players, or to get off a turn 4 win. They’re designed for any level of player to have a fun game that lasts longer than half a turn. Seriously, stop playing to win and play to have fun with these expansions.

  • Gsupremo

    crappy deck list. they should have reprinted powerful red cards to bring down the soaring prices of mtg cards *sigh* loved the FIRE & LIGHTNING set. this one sucks.

    • gavin

      shut up

  • Farmonious

    People who play in tournaments never enjoy a game they play unless they win. Soooo sad that their mothers didn’t teach them how to have fun. Even sadder that their mothers still have the opportunity to teach them that lesson every night at the dinner table. Anybody complaining about not having 4 of every killer card in their deck is uncreative and boring. Any Idiot can make a turn 4 winning deck, have fun winning with the same combo every time. Unimaginative, uncreative, and bland, probably just like the rest of their amazing lives spent in their parents basement jacking off to anime. My friends and I only play casual because we enjoy PLAYING CARDS. Every time I read these forums, see the ultra geeks complaining about everything, I want to clean out my closet and tie a rope around my neck, then I fuck my hot wife. If you’re upset about MTG not consulting you about their deck releases, and need online forums to spew forth your discontent, then you should go home jack off and contemplate suicide, maybe tell your mother, so she can coddle and hug you better.

    • DerpHerp

      This is the best mtg post I have ever seen. Thank you for existing.

  • guest

    Reprint of Path to Exile with new art!? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Theryonicle

    koth is epic but venser is better

  • Theryonicle

    this is awesome. i own it

  • I7anger

    seriously just build a deck with your own cards i see this as a way to get land and 2 planeswalkers for 20 dollars instead of 1 for 20 dollars