Brago, King Eternal - Conspiracy Spoiler

Brago, King Eternal

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When Brago, King Eternal deals combat damage to a player, exile any number of target nonland permanents you control, then return those cards to the battlefield under their owner’s control.

“My rule persists beyond death itself”

  • Guest


  • Derek

    This isn’t FTV, its conspiracy

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Wrong category? Seems to be from Conspiracy.

  • Necrachilles

    Def looks more like Conspiracy

  • Zombie

    Going straight into my UWR Numot EDH. hnnghh. All the ETB effects.

    (And yeah, I know Roon is a better ETBE General. But Roon can’t use Insurrection. Insurrection is love, Insurrection is life.)

    Side note: as people have already pointed out, this is a Conspiracy card. WoG was the FTV spoiler.

  • Herp Derp

    Breigo, King of Eternity

    • Nyrab

      That’s what I translated it as too :P

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        DAT NAME!!! KING OF ETERNITY, HOLY FUDGE. Flavor for days.

        • Nyrab

          Idk, King of eternity doesn’t compare with the flavour of storm crow, but not any other cards do :/
          One day they may again print a card with that much flavour.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            Not even joking, ever since I was 7, when I started playing Magic with my brother, I’ve quoted Storm Crow’s flavor text every time I see a crow. “Storm Crow descending, winter unending. Storm Crow departing, summer is starting.”

  • Nyrab

    This set is getting more and more interesting….

  • Somnom

    With the current translated wording, This + Strionic Resonator + 2 mana from rocks = infinite blink?

    • Mike Thomas

      Yes, but it wouldn’t do much. Unless you had something etb for infinite damage or life. At any rate, it would be very difficult to pull off.

      • RomriDade

        Obzedat, Ghost Council

      • Silver

        An artifact in blue (where every single tutor can get you an artifact), two mana rocks (or just a solring or anything else that taps for +2 mana if Im not doing my math wrong) and your general? its defenitly not that hard if you dedicate your deck to it. My karador kills with the reveillark +karmic guide/safi + something with etb and 2 or less force (blood artist for the instakill) + a sac outlet. Believe me, it seems hard but I get it online on t4-t6 if there is little disruption. Of course I have a lot of secondary combos in case of failure, but still its a 4 card combo and its easy to pull off if your deck is built that way =)

  • tyke5140

    And suddenly, I feel inspired to play edh.

    • Mick Cortella

      I see what you did there inspired cause of theros

  • Grim Draper

    Yay, another infinite combo with Kiki Jiki!

  • ultramegalord

    acidic slime spot kill, ajanis choses, make a bunch of tokens by blinking enchantments, akroum bouderfoot damage, blood hunter bat life sap. this was just a quick search for etb effects. there are better options im sure.

    • Necro


  • DA

    Oh… just realized this it the ice giant guy from the Poster!×248.jpg

    He sure likes holding his sword upsidedown.

    • Da

      I guess since he has flying, I’d imagine him moving like a chess piece (Him rising then moving until he’s hovering right above his target, then falling on it with his sword) all while he holds his sword completely still and upside down like in the pictures!

      Maybe he uses his sword normally… but I like my version better ;p

    • Necro

      A cycle of Allied colored Legends?

  • Chi Sarades

    that artwork wow so cool

  • DJ PAd

    Seems like a sweet EDH general, though likely a huge target.

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    First I liked the flavor and the kind-of-Vigilance. Untapping artifacts? Great! But now…come on… the card is online for like a few days and people already figured out 2 totally different working infinite combos.
    This with Aurelia: Infinite combat steps.
    This with Gilded Lotus + Resonator: Infinite ETB triggers and infinite mana.
    Any other? :-
    The one thing I have to give Wizards credit for… he actually feels Azorius. It’s 2/4 stats, the flying, the mana cost… everything fits perfect. The problem is that I don’t think he’s a fun Commander to play against. But I could be wrong.

    Well I mean, my Azorius EDH is led by Bruna. This way my opponents don’t have to watch me durdling around and blinking stuff for Value but instead are simply dead.

    • Antares

      How is it infinite with Resonator? I can see Aurelia. That’s an easy one.

      So with resonator, does it go:
      Copy ability, ability goes on stack, resolves, exile resonator and lotus, both come in untapped, then they are used again to copy the copy? Repeat infinitely?

      • Necro

        You copy the original over and over again, since it’s the first thing to go on the Stack and therefor the last to resolve.

    • MrAptronym

      Nothing wrong with an infinite combo. Its just another way to win. Its not necessarily broken. With so many cards out there are bound to be some. Those in particular.are not very playable. Brago has no protection, no haste and is 4 CMC, I don’t think he will be abused outside of EDH. (Bring counterspells.)

      I see him being a pain in EDH, but in most groups I expect he will be destroyed before he can have any effect. Blue/White has the spells to protect him I suppose, but he seems like the kind of general to draw unwanted attention.

  • MrAptronym

    I love Azorius, its my guild for sure. I play a blink based EDH deck. I am sick of this though. The cards are just kind of too much now. I mean, this one can’t be used to dodge removal, but being able to blink everything you own every turn? Its just that now there are too many ways to easily and repeatably abuse ETB effects. They don’t feel special anymore, they might as well just be reusable abilities in any eternal format. My EDH deck will probably remove another blinker for this, but I am worried it will just be un-fun on the board.

  • I need this for my Derevi deck.
    With thragtusk? 5 life and a beast each turn.

    Not to mention, he also untaps things. E.G., I hit them, blink something, and its untapped.

    • Antares

      If you are lucky, Infinite Life and infinite beasts. Just need the right pieces on the board. :P

  • Violator

    Oh my god. A Mass Restoration Angel on a stick…

  • kmk888

    That’s because there isn’t one. The ability triggers off combat damage, so the hasty tokens will not be able to attack infinitely without infinite combat steps.

    However, I believe this and Aurelia the Warleader is infinite combat phases.

  • ultramegalord

    shame it wont be legal for standard or modern