• Dominic Ng

    New Delver, but not quite close

  • MrAptronym

    Aww, delver has a big brother! It’s cute, I like the reference and it even has a place, but it is no delver. (thank god) Still, the self-mill is a neat aspect and the body is solid.

    • Red

      I don’t think it is his big brother. I think this is Delver! It even is 3/2 Flying like Delver’s flipped form. He never morphed back and now he’s just getting bigger and badder.

      • MrAptronym

        You’re right, and that is fantastic. I can’t wait for art in that case.

  • Ryū

    Neat. Very neat actually.

  • Sabisent

    To me it’s looking like this is still delver, just doing more experiments on itself (it starts as a 3/2 flyer, which is delver’s transformed form)

    • Ryan

      Don’t forget he is also an insect human in his unflipped form ;)

      • Sabisent

        When I posted that we didn’t have the art or flavour text, now it’s just been confirmed :D

  • Happy The Cat

    back in my day flip cards were awesome because they gave you this big creature for a tiny amount of what it would normally cost for something that big. four mana for a 5/4 that has -2/-2 until you mill a specific card is not that great.

    • ManaBurn

      I think you’re looking at it wrong. A 3/2 flyer for 3U is a decent limited card; one only made better in a tempo deck with removal and bounce spells. Having the potential to be a 5/4 makes it better.

      • DJ Pad

        Dude, a vanilla 5/4 flyer for 4 isn’t even that exciting anymore with power creep (for constructed that is). The fact that this takes work just makes it so much worse. A good limited card, but that’s it.

  • Zombie

    I like the callback to Delver, but this is nowhere near as good.

    Still an absolutely awesome limited pick though. Can win draft pods by itself.

    • Angrygnome

      In all fairness, though, Delver was format warping, and even made waves in vintage.

  • Melissa Juice

    Super good in limited.

  • Nebulium

    I like how fixed delver is 4x the price for not even 2x the p/t, and this is still a decent card. Just goes to show how ridiculous delver really is.

  • Kire

    If it only costed 2U…

  • ManaBurn

    Seems like it might be playable in Modern in the Esper Mentor decks with Lingering Souls, Serum Visions, Snapcaster and flip Jace or in Chapin Grixis. 3U might be too expensive.
    Love the throwback to Delver, and starting as a 3/2 being extra cute.

    • Brent

      This has literally no chance of seeing modern play whatsoever

      • Jade

        Come on! Mono Blue Insect Tribal!

        That’s a thing…. right?

  • kmk888

    Oh hi fat delver

    Your skinny cousin is cuter but I’ll still play you in limited

    • Hedronal

      I think this is delver, apparently not done with its mutation experiments, that being why it starts with the stats it ended with before. Something like how the movie The Fly went.

      • kmk888

        Yeah. They didn’t have the card up earlier, I just saw the stats. Now I see it’s the same character

    • Happy The Cat

      well if they reprint Heartless Summoning you could relive your glory days of having a WUR modern control deck in standard!!

  • Kahai

    Fully evolved!

    • Happy The Cat

      that flavor text makes no sense. Insectile Aberration’s flavor text clearly say that it is the final page

      • Gareth Martin

        Different experiment logs for a different experiment. As this isn’t a legendary creature it is possible to have more then one person doing these experiments.

      • Hedronal

        The final page that the experimenter knew of at that point. Said person appears to have changed its mind afterward.

      • Jazzyboy1

        He probably meant to make that the final experiment, but then he realised that he could perfect himself further.

    • Jade

      I like to think that this is the son of the original Delver, replicating his father’s experiments!

  • Dominic Ng

    The 3/2 flying reference plus the art definitely add flavors to this card.
    4 cmc 3/2 flying is good place to start for limited, plus if delirium is good then the self milling will be relevant
    3 cmc would just be too op and outclass any 4 cmc 3/2 in common

  • Daddy delver. Get that name trending!

    • Jazzyboy1

      It’s not Daddy Delver though. It’s literally just the same Delver character; he’s just further evolved.

      • ashenmoor

        Developed. Evolution is an entirely different biological process

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          You’re smart, good for you.

  • Melissa Juice

    So happy to see the same artist for this one.
    The implied story of Delver of Secrets to Perfected Form is just great.

    Now I need to watch The Fly again.

  • Joey Ladino

    nice tribute to delver of secrets. This is really cool.

  • Jade

    My theory: This is the son of Delver of Secrets, replicating his father’s experiments.

    • Jody Williams

      Nope, is Delver himself. You can literally follow his mutation through the cards. Delver becomes a human insect, then a insect horror in this card. The original form even has Delver’s power and toughness.

      • Jade

        My reasoning is 1: Delver references that it is the “Final Entry” in his notes. and 2: Insectile Aberration has no arms and legs, only claws.

        Unless the design team confirms or denies things, we’re just tossing around fun theories. I prefer “Son of Delver”. ^_^

        • Jody Williams

          If you look at the art, Aberrant Researcher has the same claws and Insectile Aberration does have the legs in the original, they are just smaller than the more pronounced foreclaws and could be a matter of prespective. But inversely, insects coming out of cocoons tend to need time for their bodies to dry and exoskeletons to harden, so the legs becoming a bit more pronounced after the fact isn’t really something outside of the realm of possibility.

          As for the “Final Entry” bit, easily explained by the final entry of that particular journal. One assumes it would take time to get accustomed to being a horrific insect abomination. A bit of a grace period/learning curve.

          • Jade

            To quote myself: Unless the design team confirms or denies things, we’re just tossing around fun theories. I prefer “Son of Delver”. ^_^

            Delver isn’t a legendary creature. There can be more than one. I reject your theory because I am capricious and prefer Son of Frankenstein to the original. So there. :P