Abrade - Hour of Devastation Spoiler


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Choose one –

-Abrade deals 3 damage to target creature.

-Destroy target artifact.

  • MTG fan

    What a card! Artifact or creature removal! What a deal!

  • Will

    Harnessed Lightning and Release the Gremlins do it better :(
    Though, Ramunap Excavator is great.

    • Yes, 2 separate cards do what this one card does in 1 better, but this is one card that can do either meaning that it has more utility against more decks.

  • Shagoth

    It’s in a chariot, i.e. a vehicle.
    If this isn’t a direct response to complaints, IDK what is. This might be the most expensive common in the set.

    • Samuel

      uncommon, and probably not since it’s a promo so overprinted, will limit it’s price

      • Shagoth

        Very good point, but in terms of play, with Marvel gone, this will assuredly replace Harnessed Lightning.

        • Samuel

          that’s true. it’ll definitely see play. which is more than i can say about alot of our other past promos from recent sets…..

  • ChaosEngineer

    Instant speed artifact hate that has no feel-bad being in the main is exactly what I want to see as a red player.

  • Kevan Kramer

    Damn it Wizards, what do you have against good burn spells in standard? Sure this is a great removal card, but I want burn damni t.

  • Dave

    FINALLY, a good red card!

  • Cynical Bastards

    wizards you could have made this great if you added two words to the first mode
    “or player”

    • Friedrich

      Don’t you mean to say a bit op? I mean giving burn a 2 mana flex spell is a bit too much for me. I feel like how it is it gets into a few of my commander deck that play shatter, but making it a 2 mana bolt too would have made it a notch to powerful, in my opinion.

      • Cynical Bastards

        look I just want more modern playable cards I don’t care if standard crashes and burns

        • Shagoth

          Both happen every set.

        • Friedrich

          Standard already is a burning pile of meh. They won’t just print cards for modern though, bc they want the fast money in standart.

    • Thomas Luffman

      Like with elvish mystic, lightning strike has been deemed too OP for standard.

    • Zombie

      That kind of flexibility would have been pretty much format-warping for a splashable CMC 2 burn spell in Standard.

      • Happy The Cat

        not only that, but L strike has seen a bit of modern, pretty sure L strike that also could kill any artifact would at least get four of for sideboards

      • Cynical Bastards

        standard needs a good shaking up once in a while also while we’re at it lets reprint mana drain

        • Shagoth

          Mana Drain is for plebeians, let’s print Storm Crow.

        • Zombie

          Standard’s already been shook plenty.

          5 cards are banned in Standard at the moment. We went 6 years without needing a single ban in Standard, despite the relative power levels of previous Type 2 environments being objectively stronger than before.

          eg: Innistrad/RTR’s Standard Tier 0 decks, Jund Midrange and UWR Flash, wouldn’t drop a single game outside of bad draws/mulls to the current Standard environment.

          Standard doesn’t need to be shaken up. It needs balance.

          INN/RTR Standard was one of the best Standard environments we’ve had in a decade, and one of the all-time best for sure. But nothing was banned… Why? Because answers to disgusting power existed.

          Tier 0 decks could still lose to Tier 2 and lower brews because answers existed in a large variety and players were able to actually compete against Tier 0 decks like Jund and win sometimes.

          Sure, Jund still dominated (and even reached $1K in its price tag at one point), but it could still drop games to underpowered (Comparatively) brews or lower tier meta lists because answer-cards existed that could combat Jund’s powerhouse cards.

          If the Core Sets had never been removed in the first place, they could have just printed Pithing Needle in one and Aetherworks Marvel would barely even be Tier 1, let alone Tier 0.

          You don’t shake up formats. That’s dumb. That leads to the kind of hot garbage we’re in now.

          • Happy The Cat

            exactly, which is why I’m so glad the Core sets are coming back, right now green is the aggro color and red is late game, black and white are playing control without blue, everything is madness(no, wait that was inni2…) every block is getting a shotgun blast of new keywords that vary from”why make something so in-depth when it can only be on so many cards this one set” to “why did they even bother making this a keyword, either a) the effect has already existed or b) they LITERALLY spell out what the keyword does on every card, so why even bother with the keyword”
            it will be great to have a set as calm as a Core set about now. maybe have a throwback keyword(as long as it isn’t banding or shadow/horsemanship or a “remake” of them)
            people were complaining about the Core sets sucking and how they would make formats worse since they would just nerf every deck, glad those “geniuses” got to taste what unnerfed standard for a bit, if that didn’t make them leave the game.

    • Tyler Alexander Phillips

      “or enchantment” *
      for edh obviously

      • Robert FakeLastName

        red doesn’t get to hit enchantments

        • Shagoth

          I wouldn’t mind seeing Red get to deal three points of damage to an enchantment. It would fit flavorfully and it would’t actually deal with the enchantment.

          I hope people realize this is a joke.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            that seems very like red.:P

  • Bige Boiy

    finally i can Shatter my opponent’s goblin welder too

  • Happy The Cat

    Really wish entwine was in this set. 2r flame slash shatter would have been good.

  • DesArthes

    So, after frazzle, the second synonym from Erase (Not the Urza’s Legacy One) flavor text they used :-)

  • Evil Tactics

    Not sure why some think this should also be able to hit players. This is already very strong for its cost. It’s an instant.

    Compare with Shatter.

    • Shagoth

      I think Smash to Smithereens is a more apt comparison. Loses flexibility and less targets to remove, but it ends up being a two for one with a destroyed artifact while you deal three damage to an opponent.

      • Which could be argued is an especially apt card for aggro or burn decks, but if you want to focus on control and need to save card space or at least have artifact removal that doubles as additional creature removal, then this would be your card.

  • ColorCaptain

    All this maindeckable artifact removal makes Homer… something something…

  • jaya

    This card is so sexy, just wish we had more of these in standard

  • Vojtěch Šaroch

    I really need know reasons why minotaurs are so oppresed and hated by Wizards of the Coast !!!
    poor minotaur (or his chariot)

    • Happy The Cat

      well, they are mostly red, and while they do have some older cards they are mostly a new tribe. and well wizards hates new red.