Abrupt Decay - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Abrupt Decay

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Abrupt Decay can’t be countered by spells or abilities.

Destroy target nonland permanent with converted mana cost 3 or less.

The Izzet quickly suspended their policy of lifetime guarantee.

  • Ron

    Golgari’s Suped up version of Deadbore…nuff said

    • Imagine if each guild gets something this potent. I wonder which directions the others would go in…

    • Forlar

      suped down

  • Why is this worded “Abrupt Decay can’t be countered by spells or abilities.” and the other card: “Supreme Verdict can’t be countered.”?? Is there a difference at all how it works? Also, Wizards are sending us a VERY clear message that they don’t basically want to see any counterspells at all in future.

    • I noticed that and I was curious what could counter Abrupt Decay.  Anyone have an idea?

      • Djinn

        The game rules can still counter it, e.g. if its target becomes an illegal target

        • Calviin

          That makes sense. If a card specifies a target, then the new wording will be used, otherwise they can still print the old wording.

    • Calviin

      I don’t want to see counterspells either, so that works for me. :)

      • Gerald

        ugh, why does it piss people off if a cancel something, but they are perfectly okay with me doomblading as soon as it enters the battlefield. Idiots who hate counter Have no idea how limited a removal it can be. Try playing a deck that isnt just play out your hand and attack.

  • Tezzim-Vin

    Having any nostalgic feelings yet? Wizards simply wants Golgari to dominate in every Ravnica block.

    Cheap cost efficient creatures? Checked.
    Powerful mechanic? Checked.
    Best of many worlds removal? Checked.


    • Zimmer Remmiz

      And I’m so happy about it, Scavenge is no Dredge, but it’s still hugely powerful, I’m just so happy…

  • Richard

    is that a big daddy in the art?

  • Millian272

    Best flavor text ever.

    • Firestorm75

       I agree, gotta love that flavor text.

  • Elespiap

    The Izzet quickly suspended their policy of lifetime guarantee.

    I just LOL’d

  • Nightmarenickc

    What is this liliana of which you speak?

  • TuTu

    it’s the ch-ch-ch-ch-CHASE RARE!