Abundant Growth - Avacyn Restored Spoiler

Abundant Growth

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Enchant land

When Abundant Growth enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted land has “Tap Symbol: Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool.”

  • Sajomir

    Awesome. Not only is it a GREEN cantrip, but it will be great on all these utility lands, letting us get colored mana off them. If we get a way to “flicker” permanents in this set (not just creatures) this could be very interesting.

  • Guest

    No loss to hand advantage, doesn’t slow you down in any way (unless played when you only have one land), and speeds up your mana ramp.  Any deck with a reliable source of Green should run 4 of these.

  • Jacarr

    This is easily the best land ramp aura I’ve seen in Magic. Cost is cut to one instead of two like they usually are and it refills itself. I don’t see any reason to not use this card in any green deck.

    • Jacarr

      Derp. I need to read it more carefully. Not ramp, fixing. Either way, it still stands that in any green and X deck playing this won’t be bad in limited. Not seeing much constructed use though other than for filtering the deck.

  • Lexusex90

    Cheap bird of paradise in my eyes. And better in many ways as well – draw card, imune to damage and creature removal.

    Damn, so far best card I’ve seen.