• Kitnz

    Man, these flip lands are awesome. I have no idea how useful they’ll actually be, and I don’t care. They’re awesome anyways.

    • Eli Eyal Broide

      The frame and art is so cool… I want them all!

    • Njaal

      Edgar Markov will probably want this, anything that can make additional lifelinking vampire tokens is great with him. Especially one that is so easy to flip.

  • galen150

    correct me if i’m wrong, but we’ve gotten 4 legendary flip lands, one for each color but red so far?

    • Kitnz

      Give it time ;)

      • galen150

        was just making sure i wasnt missing anything. i assume its going to have a red one for a full cycle

        • Shagoth

          “Deal 1 point of damage to target creature” would disappoint me.

          • MrAptronym

            That might not make it just because it complicates the game a lot. Then again, on a flip rare, maybe.

        • Dave

          Yup, it’s a cycle. Maro said as much.

    • Hedronal

      Legendary transform lands. I might not have nitpicked, but you did ask :P Flip is a different mechanic from Kamigawa.

  • Jude

    …these are gonna be gorgeous foils

  • Jazzyboy1

    This is really good. A 1 drop 1/1 vampire with lifelink, and you get a free land soon afterwards (or same turn if it’s mid-game). Yes please. This land’s 2nd ability is great too.

  • Iriguss

    Kjeldoran Outpost is that you old friend? Yeah the ability takes 1 more, but boy howdy lifelink tokens! You’ve come so far from making me sac a plains to play you.

    I kind of hope Counterpost MK II is going to happen with this around.

    I wonder what Red’s flip land is going to look like. Gaea’s Cradle, Kjeldoran Outpost, and Diamond Valley are already here, I can’t help but wonder if Red is going to join the reserve list party or if its going to join Blue in the “oh that’s kind of cool” corner.