Aegis of the Gods - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Aegis of the Gods

  • Color: White
  • Type: Enchantment Creature - Human, Soldier
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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You have hexproof.

  • Tyqar


    So good again control for hexproof decks…no more saccing!

    • Robert FakeLastName

      also anti burn and anti mill.

      • Leonardo Duarte

        I don’t think so… The target is your library, not you, isn’t it?

        Just a doubt that raised.

        • Bertemai

          Since the text usually doesn’t say “target library” but instead says “target opponent’s library,” you’re still the one being targeted. It’s definitely anti-mill.

          • Leonardo Duarte

            Got it. Makes sense.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            though an additional follow up question is “does this card protect planeswalkers from burn spells?” I know the player is targeted for the burn and the damage redirected to the planeswalker. I do not know how accurate that actually is. Not sure if the planeswalker would technically be the target for this or not.

  • harakka

    They really are reprinting and updating everything with this set. :D

    • wombat604


      • kkk

        I think he meanes by many of the effect is similler to many past cards.
        like this is the witch orb, worst fearsis mind slaver, and many effects which were used in past sets

  • Bundty

    Take that, Thoughtseize!

  • Baza

    i dont understand who has hexproof
    the creatures
    the player?

    • ultramegalord

      the player. thoughtsieze and other target player effects your opponet controls cant be used to target you.

      • Baza

        thx so good !

  • ultramegalord

    true believer ! easier to cast and lost a toughness and you can still target yourself yay!

  • LeonFA

    A lot of people are focuses on the Anti-Thoughtsieze part of this. But this is a 2 drop, and thoughtsieze is a 1 drop. By the time you put him down, Thoughtsieze has probably done its work on you. It just means your opponent won’t land a second/third if you went first. If this were a 1/1 for 1 however, this would have been a very different story. But it does stop plenty of other things, which is good. Just don’t focus on the Thoughtsieze thing.

  • Zombie

    Sideboard tech against Burn. Not much else.

    • ultramegalord

      true would only save you from one burn spell though. cause they will target this then you.

      • Zombie

        And any other deck with removal will target it first too.

        Welcome to the Doom Blade club. Here’s your complimentary cyncism.

    • Antares

      I feel like there’s more effective things to bring in against burn. White even has a card that is basically “Die Burn, Die” in Fiendslayer Paladin. This guy will be great in draft (especially once you’ve assembled Voltron onto him), and will see play as a pet card for some people. That’s it, I think. He’s not even that good against burn,because you are just setting the game back a turn (you put down this, and they are forced to blast him, effectively nullifying a turn, since neither of your plans advanced at all).

      Granted, I want a foil just because I think it will look VERY good.
      The only time I can see this being a thing is if Black-based Discard becomes a thing due to support from M15 and the next Block’s first set. Given how unlikely that is (even with Waste Not incoming), I’m okay with calling this guy a 0.50 cent Rare (with awesome art).

      • Zombie

        Eh, it’s just a dude with a shield in an awkward pose and a backwards sword. No offense to the artist, but just because it’s well done doesn’t mean it’s that great.

        There’s no motion, there’s no feel, there’s not really anything other than the dude just standing there doing nothing.

        Not what I’d call “Buy the foil for the art alone” worthy.

    • Nasa1225

      Shuts down Thoughtsieze, Duress and Devour Flesh as well as all the burn.

      • Zombie

        Doesn’t shut down Thoughtseize or Duress, Thoughtseize/Duress come down on turn one or usually not at all. Certainly not till this is out of the way, which isn’t that hard at all to do.

        And by then you have bigger things to worry about.

    • ultramegalord

      sideboard tech vs mill as well. unless its all players mill its shut down

  • ultramegalord

    i like it cause you can easily splash this true believer was a lot harder to spalsh in

  • G/W next turn give it hex proof?

  • guest

    turn 4 play aegis of the gods with alpha authority and the opponents basically are screwed

    • wombat604


  • Manaburn

    Witchbane Orb on a dude is pretty sweet.

  • EmElw

    This, Spirit of the Labyrinth and Eidolon of Rhetoric is the bane of everyone who likes fun.

  • Hm5555

    going in my black wight red human deck

  • wombat604

    I love the art on this!

  • guest

    Another card to play in Death and Taxes :)

  • Guest

    Sucks for you if your opponent has Athreos.

  • Necrachilles

    The ultimate “In your face” to Atheros.