• asdfghj

    “or Vehicle” makes this a fantastic uncommon.

    • Hedronal

      It’s so weird that “Enchant or ” works, but cool that it does.

  • Zombie

    Decent pseudo-combat trick/removal due to Flash that can also simultaneously turn on other Energy-related abilities you have on board.

    Will do some work in Limited for sure as a low-tier removal pick up.

  • EJ

    It’s cool that you can either put this on their driver, so the vehicle won’t start, or on their vehicle, so the vehicle won’t go very far.

  • Geddon

    This is a fantastic control card. 2 mana: great casting cost. Flash: play it any time. Get energy if that’s important to you. Drop the card on a vehicle if it’s threatening you right now. Or, more likely, drop it on some big creature they’re always using to crew the vehicle. I love it.