• BusinessmanGinger

    This helps get things out of the way if Skysovereign comes into play, like Saheeli for instance.

  • Zombie

    Nice reprint, a flavor win on top of it.

    Cool trick from Worldwake returns to us in Kaladesh Limited.

    • Jakob Schneider

      It might also make some people realize the fact that Wizards decided to drop the special Æ ligature, since the word “Æther”/”Aether” appears so often in this set, and they wanted to keep things simple.

      (Which actually seems much opposed to the spirit of this plane :P)

  • Happy The Cat

    build your own Capsize seems pretty powerful still. good thing there is NO way for players to get infinite mana. that would be just awful.
    Peel locks were already annoying enough, now they can set you back to turn 0 if they want to