• PhilThrottle

    Flickerwisp. FSU!

  • Zombie

    You know what?

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this might even be Modern playable with a redesigned Jund shell, or even in a B/W Vial deck that uses stuff like Flickerwisp or Restoration Angel in combination with Fetch Lands to guarantee Revolt triggers.

    Play this turn 3 after fetching, kill a threat, get a 3/2. Sure it doesn’t survive Bolt, but is forcing your opponent into a 2-for-1 to kill this a bad thing? Not to mention Restoration Angel can trigger Revolt at instant speed, and Flickerwisp as well can just keep recycling the ability?

    I’m tempted to pick up a playset to see how many I can fit in to my B/W Death & Taxes Modern brew to go along with Fatal Push.

    Also… is it just me, or is Black getting some of the best cards in this set? Like… significantly more than other colors?

    • Gord

      Black has definitely been getting some good stuff so far

    • bonogringo

      Do totally agree there.

    • mehngo

      You realize this is Aether Revolt’s version of Wasteland Strangler? That’s why it was run in Eldrazi Winter, because you could reliably two for one with it, given the right support. This doesn’t really need as much support as Strangler, which is a huge upside, and can be turned on via fetchlands which has been pointed out by numerous commentators here. Of course being able to play Strangler turn two with Eye and/or temple made it better in those decks.

      • Zombie

        Well, the biggest upside to Strangler in Eldrazi & Taxes isn’t that you can cheat it out, more that you can eat an opponent’s creature that was exiled with Flickerwisp/Fiend Hunter and then give another creature -3/-3 to effectively kill two of your opponent’s creatures.

        This doesn’t require exiling to function which means it can operate outside of Flickerwisp/Fiend Hunter, which isn’t so much upside as just different.

        It fills pretty much the same overall role as Wasteland Strangler but in corner cases it’s far less powerful, so I could see why people might not end up playing it in converted Eldrazi & Taxes lists where you can easily cheat Strangler onto the battlefield.

        However this is far more abusable with repeatable flicker effects than Strangler is, since if you bounce/flicker Vengeful Rebel, it powers its own Revolt ability, making it a tad more consistent.

        Also, Eye of Ugin is banned in Modern so Modern D&T puts this and Wasteland on the exact same 3 slot, and I think this might edge out Wasteland Strangler in B/W D&T.

        • mehngo

          That’s a good point that flickering this triggers it’s own revolt, I hadn’t thought about that. Revolt seems like the mechanic that morbid could have been.

  • God Enel

    It seems like black is getting the best cards in this set.

  • Shagoth

    Flame tongue Aethertongue

    But better than the Kavu IMO. Jeez I wish I could safely say Black is the best color in the set, I mean I think it is for modern but Red White vehicles is getting major pluses, and green is getting bigger, ect.

  • Jay Kilian

    Eldrazi Displacer, Flickerwisp, any blink effect or fetch land make this a very strong play.

  • Cthulhooo

    Limited Warrior?