• eltratzo

    a pseudo gustcloak creature that triggers revolt? seems decent.

    • Jakob Schneider

      Agreed, although “pseudo gustcloak” sounds like a far too negative wording for something that’s easily so much better and versatile.

      • eltratzo

        I liked gustcloak ^^ but yeah this should almost aways be better (it isn’t with infinite attack phases for example and there should be other fringe cases)

  • Gord

    I like this a lot for aggressive WW type decks. Unblocked it represents a good chunk of damage and energy production. As a 3 power creature it will trade up (a problem for 1 toughness creatures is that they usually trade down)

    • Random Guy

      Yes, 3/1 pseudo-vigilance pseudo-hexproof for 2 which also triggers revolt and ETB and functions as an energy sink is good, but this is a rare, and so is in competition with cards like Sram.

  • Derek Niles

    At first I read “Whenever Aethergeode Miner attacks you, get [E][E]” comma placement is very important lol

  • Zombie

    In case anyone was wondering, yes, this is a repeatable Energy sink that allows you to begin the chain-bounce of Greenbelt Rampager.

  • Happy The Cat

    when you aren’t sure if miner means like a coal digger or child because they gave a dwarf baby face.
    also great white card, whatever, we already know white is the strongest early game color in magic now.

    • Pandancules

      Those words are spelled differently, “minor” refers to a child.

  • Alex Egertsen

    Pseudo Vigilance and has built in protection from spot removal? This guy is a great rare first pick pack one all day everyday, he might not do anything that impacts the board late game, but let’s be real we know that kaladesh/aether revolt is going to be all about hyper aggro and who can throw the most removal spells at a single creature

    • God Enel

      It can still be relevant late game because it can trigger Revolt at any time as long as you have energy for it.

      • Alex Egertsen

        oh? yeah? So does that Green rare that bounces for energy

        • God Enel

          You can’t trigger revolt in your opponent’s turn with the green one, not to mention if you have 2 energy you’re forced to pay for it to remain on the battlefield, it doesn’t give you a choice.

          • Alex Egertsen

            : okay so if you pick up the green rare pack one you are not going to be playing some sweet revolt cards? okay

          • God Enel

            Both of them are good, they’re just different.

          • Alex Egertsen

            That’s what i was getting at

  • Insight66

    These dwarves are all so happy :)

  • james hegge

    well any pair of decotion module, aetherwind roc, and panharmonics break this, it doesn’t win a game with out some way of dealing damage, which I don’t think really exist in a way that doesn’t require quite a bit of setup which stops it from being a consistent win con . if magic makes a pay x energy and deal x damage to creature or player card or ability this will be very broken ( i can’t think of one off the top of my head that already exists).

    • Random Guy

      You can’t instantly win the game with infinite energy but you can get an infinity/infinity trample+hexproof Bristling Hydra, which is usually a win next turn.

  • Deadly Berry

    What a pest to get rid off.

  • Elias Wernigg

    She totally looks like Shiney from Firefly! Love that hehe.

    • Pandancules


  • Marco Grigull

    seems it might work nicely with sticher’s graft and thirsting axe

    • Random Guy

      Too high cmc imo