• Typhuzuzu13

    If by turn three/four they aren’t dead yet and you want a finisher?

  • Nebulium

    This really doesn’t seem that hard to fulfill in limited. 3 mana plus a little extra energy investment for 6 damage? That plus the pinging makes this really really good.

    • typhuzuzu13

      turn one turle/nissa’s ulvenwald
      turn two brawler/ nissa’s ulvenwald/etc.
      turn threeswing with brawler, buff with +3+3 or +2+2 and hexproof, swing seven/six with trample as well as turtle.
      turn four this, swing with brawler with +3+3 or +2+2 and hexproof, seven/six
      turn five deal six damage ?
      of course it can be done a lot quicker with other cards- this is just using what’s in the set.

  • Happy The Cat

    hey, energy’s win condition is red, looks like there might be a comeback.