• Kahai

    Haste is a good keyword with Exert.

    • Gord

      Vigilance seems insane – Exert for free is what that looks like to me

      • Kahai

        Always Watching.

  • MTG fan

    Aggro is pretty good this set and standard too. Imagine a mono-red aggro deck with built to smash, this card, glorybringer, Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

    • Jacob Anderson

      Unless there is a good way to give creatures Vigilance or untap them in red i don’t think that sounds like a great deck, i would say do R/W and have 4 Always Watching. Also Chandra isn’t really an aggro card.

      • MTG fan

        Fine. New Gideon from planeswalker deck and always watching. I just needed Chandra for the good mana curve. Maybe Something else for 4 cmc

  • KrakenHunter

    Red aggro incoming. This is great.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    I’m calling it now there is going to be a red white exert deck running always watching that will be heavily played in this standard season