• MTG fan

    Oh my. That is super strong!

  • Liam Maiher

    This in my titania edh

  • Zombie

    Oh, great. Just what EDH players needed, a reason for d*cknuggets to break out their Roon and Derevi decks again.

    • Bostorket

      This is definitely one of a growing list of things I’d Extract or Seek ASAP.

      • Zombie

        If Wizards makes me play Jester’s Cap in my Breya deck I’m going to be majorly upset with them.

        • Bostorket

          “Ermagerd. How’m I t’do with this six mana thing? I’ve only got all the infinites to spends for it.”

    • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

      i see no reason to censor ducknuggets.. I actually think they’d be tastier than chicken nuggets.

      • Zombie

        I’ve had comments pulled from this site for including profanity before, so I don’t risk it anymore.

    • Random Guy

      Exactly what ISN’T considered toxic in EDH?

      • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

        savannah lions

  • Bostorket

    Worldly/Enlightened/Vampiric tutor + Shrieking Drake. Scroll Rack + anything you don’t feel like hard casting.

    And, if nothing else, you get your Sensei’s Top back for free!

    • ShahrazadMan

      I honestly care more about having my top again than getting an emrakul :P

      • Bostorket

        ikr?! Who needs game-breaking combos when you can finally get that convenience you’ve wanted since 2004.

  • Happy The Cat

    At least it’s not every time something leaves you board or this could be completely broken. As is it’s still pretty dirty, there are lots of ways to sac tokens every turn.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Can this be popped every turn with Conjurer’s Closet?

    • Derek Niles

      I’m not sure. If Revolt triggers every end step, then checks if something left the battlefield or not, then yes it would work. But if Revolt doesn’t trigger UNLESS something already left the battlefield, then no it wouldn’t

    • Intervening if clause means that it doesn’t trigger unless something already left the battlefield that turn.

      • Rovkir Hexus

        But if you stacked the stack (lol) to have Closet trigger first, would it pop then?

        • “doesn’t trigger unless something already left the battlefield that turn.”

      • Arcus Diabolus

        Shame. Might of convinced me to splash green in my flicker deck.

        Still, this revolt mechanic has my attention.

  • mehngo


    This card might as well read (for me at least):

    Revolt – You run Primal Surge Omnath EDH, so you get a permanent. Just take it.
    I insist. Seriously dude. For free. Guarenteed. Unless you’re unfortunate enough
    to flip Primal Surge itself. Then you’re SOL. Lel.

  • Ben Peterson

    Any blink deck, any sacrifice deck, any lands deck, heck, pretty much any green deck in commander can use this.

  • Trevor Terry

    Ohh, I want to put this in my RG Norin the Wary / Confusion in the Ranks deck.