• ningyouNK

    The abilities are interesting but isn’t 6 mana very expensive for what it does? I guess you pay for the resilience the “+2” provides. Still I was hoping for a more exciting return from a character as emblematic as Ajani :/

    • Jakob Schneider

      Agreed. reducing his cost to 3GW would have made him a lot more interesting.
      His starting loyalty could have been reduced to 3, and his first ability to +1 in order to balance things out.

      But he does look a bit slow for a (non-preconstructed) 6cc walker.

  • Kevan Kramer

    4th Ajani in a row that has been a bad PW card. Wizards needs to make Ajani great again.

    • Hedronal

      What was bad about +1/+1, first strike, vigilance and lifelink? Ditto on three +1/+1 counters per turn.

  • Jonas Candy

    idk about this guy. like i feel he could be great because he basically guarantees value the turn he enters, and if you can keep him alive thats sweet, but 6 mana is alot when you could be spending that on like a gearhulk

  • Atraxa

    A certain recent legendary commander just found like her best friend

    • Tyler Wilson

      If you’re running an Ajani in Atraxa, Steadfast is still your best option, and then honestly Mentor of Heroes is probably still better than this guy.

      • Minizem

        but its commander, so there’s not reason to not run all three. Besides, the only thing atraxa would gain is first strike from steadfasts +1

  • Zombie

    His abilities are decent but 6 mana is such an inhibitive cost for a Planeswalker when it comes to Constructed. If he was 3GW might be borderline playable… but 6? I’d actually be surprised if he saw more play than as a one-hit wonder in some jank brew deck that Top 32’s a large tournament.

    Plus, he’s just following the generic new Walker formula of + = card advantage, – = removal, rinse and repeat.

    The art for both Ajanis are cool but neither of them are playable.

    As far as this one goes:

    +2: Sure it’s +2 but it also has the potential to draw you literally 0 cards. Yes, it can draw up to 3, but if you’re playing this in Standard you’re playing it in a deck with enough lands to actually support a 6 mana Planeswalker, meaning you’re almost never going to be drawing even 2 cards off of his +2. This also means you’re playing an abhorrently sluggish deck against a meta of medium speed Delirium decks that can overwhelm anything and a bunch of faster U/W Flash decks that give literally zero f**ks about an Ajani like this.

    -2: It’s Swords to Plowshares balanced for Standard, which means it’s slapped onto a CMC 6 Planeswalker. Just like Chandra, Torch of Defiance, putting a removal spell on a Planeswalker to effectively cheat it into Standard doesn’t suddenly make that Planeswalker good. What you’re left with is a Swords to Plowshares that costs 6 mana and isn’t even mono white. Woopdie do.

    His ultimate is neat in Superfriends so he’ll be playable in Atraxa. But who even really cares at that point?

    By far the worst versions of Ajani that have been released so far imho.

    • Paul Gregory

      Generally agree with you. Minor point is that his +2 serves as either card draw or card quality improvement (I’m assuming once you’ve hit six mana in a deck supporting Ajani that you probably don’t want to draw any more, so any lands you get rid of you’ll be happy to see go, and presumably the deck will be designed with a relatively low number of instants and sorceries beyond maybe some low cost ramp spells which, again, you’ll be glad to see go away). That said, not exactly a huge payoff for six mana investment.

    • Jakob Schneider

      I’ll be honest, I initially thought this was going to be the preconstructed Planeswalker deck Ajani.

      I thought they decided to up their power level (at least to the point where they aren’t painfully overcosted) and give them more relevance in Commander, yet keep them a very unlikely choice for Standard.

      Because I can’t really imagine this guy there right now.

      I know Elspeth, Sun’s Champion was also a 6cc walker that was commonly played and feared in Standard, but Ajani does look pretty slow. His options for the turn he enters doesn’t immeditely affect the board state that much.
      Although then again, we should consider his high loyalty, and being able to considerably refill one’s hand and despose the biggest threats shouldn’t be underestimated.

      There might be a midrange deck that will be able to make good use of him.

      • Zombie

        The only reason Elspeth saw play at CMC 6 was that Theros/Tarkir was far and away the slowest Standard era we’ve seen.

        She sees minimal modern play as a token 1-of in control sideboards and thats about it.

        Sun’s champion barely even sees edh play

    • KJM

      It reminds me a lot of Nahiri – a…six mana Nahiri :/

      I mean, the first ability is probably better than hers (not by a long way tho) and its second ability is arguably worse. It doesn’t fit in the decks that Nahiri does as well. Not to mention it doesn’t really seem to know what to do with itself – at least in constructed. Six-mana planeswalkers say either ramp or control to me. This clearly can’t be control – it’s green and it’s first ability plays with creatures mostly – and its green. But then it won’t be so good in ramp, since R/G monsters would have to splash for it, and monsters isn’t a very good deck, AND the second ability – arguably the most relevant one – is much more control-y.

  • Happy The Cat

    if anything he ends up in superfriends.

  • Fred Weasley

    You know, honestly I think that he will never be put into a deck for his ult. He is powerful, yes, but card advantage and protection is what this lil kitty provides that will get people to play it if they want to.

    • Tyler Wilson

      Plenty of people /will/ put him in a deck for his ult, especially if that’s a non-Standard deck like Commander.

      Nobody /should/ put him in a deck for his ult.

      • Lixilix

        his first 2 abilities are nice, i just think he is a bit too high on the cmc. playable but i am really on the fence if i do want to play him.

  • chad

    if you ramp into him, he could be game ending with the card advantage

  • Gord

    That is an awesome ult in a superfriends deck. Love to see all those ults going off at once

  • Nanya

    Hello, Superfriends!

  • Bostorket

    “Here, I made you a plowshare.”

  • Deadly Berry

    The +2 is kinda fine, a little random but still reasonably good. The -2 to do Swords to Plowshare leaves him with only 2 loyalty left, for a 6CMC that’s hideous.The -9 is okayish if you factor in what other PW you have on the field, I imagine using several other Ultimate abilities as a follow up to this one Ultimate, and then attacking with a couple of boosted animals- err creatures. I’m a little discouraged by the 6 CMC considering the other Ajani from the PW decks is also 6 cost (and he’s supposed to be the unpopular version); still I find him usable enough.

    • Tyler Wilson

      Sorin, Grim Nemesis sees plenty of play and often ends on 2-3 loyalty after using his -X. Same CMC, negs have similar roles. Ajani’s plus should also draw at least a card and a half to offset the lack of damage that Sorin’s does. That said I don’t think this Ajani is fantastic given CMC6, but he is playable.

  • Vizzerdrix

    I’ve always viewed ajani as being Nayan he definitely is from Naya but the more he’s printed I don’t see him as being red he definitely is a gw planeswalker, was only red from being angry at bolas, not super relevant but it makes him a lot more dynamic

  • Lixilix

    i think if we look at this ajani played along his oath, this seems to be slightly more viable.

  • Jalais

    Question, If I ult Ajani, spin up Aetherworks Marvel and hit another Ajani, will the new Ajani get the counters?

    • Hedronal


  • Stephen Scazzafavo

    marath just got a lot stronger