• MTGFanatic

    This and starfield of nyx :)

    • Brandon Bilodeau

      Are you high? This card is garbage. There are much better enchantments for a starfield deck

      • Happy The Cat

        the value is nobody will ever kill this, free 4/4 enchantment for the count.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Only if this could fetch for any Ajani…

  • God Enel

    Terese Nielsen arts are always amazing.

    • Alex

      Will be getting this just for the Nielsen art, not to play.

      • Zombie

        You could always just buy a print of it and not worry about having the worthless cardboard to go along with it.

        • Jakob Schneider

          As a MtG player, there’s some special value to have a card around the card, too, though.

          He might have a folder specificlally with all cards drawn by her.

  • Shagoth

    Terese, as per usual, makes a card way better than it is in terms of playability (ironic given her most iconic art is for a card that doesn’t fit with the art in tone at all and has always distracted me).

  • Happy The Cat

    that’s… a rare? it’s not like it’s actually going into limited so why print this as a rare? so you have a card to point at to say g/w isn’t completely filled with broken cards?

    • Jakob Schneider

      It’s from the preconstructed PW Decks.

      • Happy The Cat

        I know, that’s why I mentioned it’s not going into limited. this and ajani’s comrade should have swapped rarities.

        • Jakob Schneider

          Ah, gotcha.

  • MTG fan

    A good Revolt card. Wow.