Ajani's Comrade - Aether Revolt Spoiler

Ajani’s Comrade

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Creature - Elf, Soldier
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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*Planeswalker Decks Exclusive

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    I have only one question… Why the heck this is an elf and not a cat?
    Don’t get me wrong, this card at least is nice but…

    • Random Guy

      I think mostly for flavor: “I will go where the lion-man leads.”

    • God Enel

      There are no cat people in Kaladesh as far as I know.

      • Edwin Marín Castro

        I wasn’t mean for cat people, just cats.

        • God Enel

          You wanted an actual cat to be his companion? lol

    • Jakob Schneider

      Are you saying elves can’t be an antropomorphic cats buddy because they are a difference species?

      Although there are some pretty xenophobic elves, I don’t remember leonins acting dismissive towards other species. :P

      Since that elf doesn’t seem to have a prob with the cat man either, just let him go where that cat man leads, dude.

  • Soren Szilver

    This is actually a decently good card if you build with a good version of ajani

  • Shagoth

    A planeswalker deck exclusive, with a potentially good card, great.
    This would be better if either of the Ajanis were good, but I don’t even think the main Ajani is good this time around.

    • Alex Egertsen

      ajani has multiple printings? the fact that this one does not specify on which ajani? that could make this guy really good.

      • Shagoth

        Wow, I just contradicted the heck out of myself.

  • Happy The Cat

    actually completely better than the g/w rare enchantment in the deck. they could have just swapped these and nobody would have had any problem with it.

  • Trevor Terry

    I bet this guy ends up doing the lions share of the work.