Akroan Horse - Theros Spoiler

Akroan Horse

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Artifact Creature - Horse
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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When Akroan Horse enters the battlefield, an opponent gains control of it.

At the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent puts a 1/1 white Soldier creature token onto the battlefield.

  • weeping angel

    can someone please tell me why this is a rare and whats good about it at all?

    • TheLangler

      I don’t even understand. What does this DO?!

      • garruk

        this card is actually really nice combined with the red god

      • richardshort2001

        You play it, opponent gets control of it then you get a free token each of their turns.

        • TheLangler

          Ahhh, okay. I assumed as much, but the wording of the tokens had me perplexed. Sounded like opponent got the (since they now controlled the horse).

          Even so, I’m not exactly sure how useful this would be, especially with the far stronger (if more color restrictive) Legion’s Initiative in standard.

          • richardshort2001

            Yeah it’s far from great, doubt it will see play, though this is colorless, so maybe it will find a niche.

    • MtgMind-Welder98

      it seems like there will be some sort of removal about it, but other than that I <3 the reference :)

    • Lam Ha

      Just going to assume there is a trojan horse element to the card and its companion card.

      • Johnny Repine

        It is the trojan horse element. They get the horse. You get the soldiers. You get to attack them with your soldiers.

        • Lam Ha

          Thanks. I didn’t read it the correctly the first time around.

    • Da

      Gives an opponent a 0/4 and you a 1/1 each turn. Decent token production for you is good.

      • weeping angel

        ok i tought it was like your opponents also get the 1/1 tokens.

  • guy

    the most favorable card goes to…

  • Heliodromus

    The wording is so confusing I can’t even.

    • Heliodromus

      Rather everyone is explaining it wrong it seems and it’s confusing me and everyone else.

      • Da

        When you play it, it’s given to another player. Akroan Horse is now that players permanent, thus the ‘At the beginning of your upkeep each opponent puts a 1/1 white Soldier token onto the battlefield’ effect happens to that player, and all of that players opponents get a 1/1. Since you are that players opponent, you will be getting a 1/1 Soldier at each of that players upkeeps.

        In short, you give someone else the 0/4, and during that player’s upkeep you (and all the other opponents of that player) will be gaining a 1/1 Soldier.

    • CodyGozRawr

      When it comes into to play choose an opponent to gain control of it, at the beginning of that opponents upkeep each other player gets a 1/1 token.

    • Bennyboy

      If you can’t understand it give up. It’s in plain English, it couldn’t be any simpler…. But I will break it down for you to understand.

      1- You cast Horsey.
      2- Once Horsey has entered the battlefield (that’s after you’ve cast it), choose an opponent to give it to.
      3- Then from the beginning of THAT opponent’s upkeep, everyone but them get’s a 1/1 Soldier. (this means you because you are their opponent)

  • Levi Warren

    If I ever get this given to me, I will Righteousness the horse then Fling it back at that donator!

  • Ludicrous

    If you read the article on the Daily mtg it says at the bottom when you click the link that this was a fake, though. Anyone wanna help me out on this?

  • BWH

    This feels like it’s meant for EDH. In multilayer it has a similar sort of effect as Death by Dragons. Also Zedruu would like it.

  • noob-man

    It is the will of Zedruu that you´ll have, this Akroan Horse.
    Go ahead, keep it. It is a might defender and will protect you.
    I´ll just be here drawing cards and gaining life.
    Whats this, a soldier fell out of it and is enforcing enemy lines? I´ll sure this is just a coincidence and will never happen again.

  • Jordan

    Step 1: Play porphoros.
    Step 2: Play Horse.
    Step 3: Profit.

    • Ben Ehren

      make it so horse cant block: double profit

    • Bennyboy

      You forgot step 2.5: Play Strionic Resonator and/or growing ranks…

  • Ben Ehren

    everything about this set tells me to make a soldier based white weenie deck with maybe a little red and or blue splash.

  • Kevan Kramer

    The Red God’s best friend.

  • Devinn

    Because Assemble the Legion is too mainstream.