• Charlie

    Es hermosa *-*

    • Kameenook

      Claro, es un ángel.

  • ashton

    i like the other art better….

    • Taxle

      everyone has his own opinion. except for terese nielsen art. terese nielsen art is always better

      • Lord_of_Riots


        • ashton

          Rebeca guay is better.

          • Taxle

            Rebecca Guay is my favorite artist as well. i hope she will come back. Back to the topic though, i would gladly trade my old copy of Akroma for the new one any day. She looks much more like the general she is

          • Happy The Cat

            I’ma let you finish, but puddnhead is the greatest mtg artist of all time

          • Jordan

            MTG needs Richard Kane Ferguson back…. if he’s still alive.

  • Zombie

    I definitely prefer the old Akroma art to this.

    I think this is actually the only piece of Terese Nielsen’s that I don’t like.

    • Happy The Cat

      yeah this feels more like a serra angel art or lower tier angels
      not one of the most powerful angels in existence

      • Taxle

        you thing this looks low tier? she is commanding a legion of soldiers! she sure is not the One vs All solitude fighter like in the other artworks, but this does not look like a serra angel or something “lower”

        • Happy The Cat

          she’s a strong, independent, white bomb who don’t need no army

          • Derek Niles

            I lol’d

    • Kameenook

      I agree on the first line, and have no comment on the second. The first one just felt like it justified the abilities it had, this one is mostly just seen as commanding a legion of soldiers, not something I’d expect.

  • da

    I like the Angels vs Demons are the best

    • Marvin Sürig

      This might be a bad sentence but what it means is true

      • Taxle

        would trade my Duel deck Akroma everyday for this one. She looks more like a General. The Demonic one is still cool and stuff, but this one fits commander more. Also saying something is the best is pretty stupid to say when it comes to art. its very personal. if you consider something like technique and complementary colour usage, terese nielsens version is “better”.

      • da

        Oh, just a typo are = art.

  • Minja

    So what screwed with the timeline to change Akroma?

  • Marvin Sürig

    What the Hell???? I think this is missing the best part of Akroma o.O!
    No Rest, No Mercy, No Matter What!

  • Beatsonbeats

    She is blue. Like literally the color blue. Who the heck drew this???

    • Kameenook

      She’s pale white, with blue hair, and if you read the artist at the bottom of the card, it says Terese Nielsen.

    • Nicolas Sanders

      Akroma is initially white with blue hair and lips so what’s the matter? She was created by a illusionist from the image of its dead wife. She is not a real angel to begin.

  • Christopher David Thebodo

    FU! –Akroma

  • Gökhan Erdinc

    its from terise, holly f. amazing…..

  • wiseguy

    *looks at artist*
    omg terese nielsen, I automatically love it! tis beautiful!
    *looks at artist for AvD*
    oh. I forgot it was Chippy. Chippy wins.

  • Andy Dondes

    This looks pretty good. still i prefer the angels vs demons akroma

  • Happy The Cat

    may I point out that is the STUPIDEST way to hold a sword? what? are you tired? take your sword out of the ground and go kill something woman!!!