Alchemist’s Refuge - Avacyn Restored Spoiler

Alchemist’s Refuge

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Tap Symbol: Add 1 Mana to your mana pool.

Blue ManaGreen Mana, Tap Symbol: Until end of turn, you may cast nonland cards as though they had flash

  • Sajomir

    I actually hope this is only a rumor.

    • Seritho

      Why? This card is very nice for an added effect and for only two mana(three if you count the land itself) you can play any number of spells, not just one, as though it had flash.

      • Usaffire

        Keeping my mana open for a counter than playing my spells is a good thing.

  • Eli

    That’s broken…

  • Wisdomseyes

    Abusable, not broken. Broken means leyline of anticipation was broken

  • Guest

    Very good land, I want one

  • AH

    3 Mana source for flash?

    No thanks

  • Kolepech

    so I could drop my Planeswalker on Opponents turn… it says in the rules that I can only use his abilities when I could use a sorcery, which (this turn) is at any time…… Sounds right, but I dont see being able to do this… opinions?

    • Mrmario7502

      Not at any time, only during your main phases. You can use flash to cast him on your opponent’s turn, but you won’t be able to activate any of his abilities then.

      • Seritho

        Mrmario is right, Sorcery refers to YOUR Main phases, not A main phase.

  • Mikejbona

    I lke this land as it is basically 3 + CC of creature, give creature haste and untap lands. Seems kind of cool in a midrange rug beatdown deck.

    • Wisdomseyes

      My friend once compared flash to haste, and I liked that comparison, because playing at EoT means it avoids summoning sickness. It’s better than haste in later game situations.

      There is no bad about this card as a utility land. It’s not like dropping a card at end of the opponents turn is ever going to be a bad thing, avoiding sorcery speed removal, and avoiding mana tax for your counterspells, and maybe even having your opponent attack into something they didn’t expect to block it.

      Leyline of anticipation is better, but for the purposes of standard it doesnt exist does it?

      You should run at least 1 in any deck that has U and G, simply because generic mana is still mana, and unless you are flooding youself with utility lands, this card is not likely to hurt you… ever.